Thursday, May 17, 2007

Leftover Easter Candy? Well...Kind Of.

I know several weeks ago (yikes!) I mentioned creepy bunny cupcakes. (oh dear, when looking that up, I noticed that I wrote "I'll tell you about the creepy bunny cupcakes tomorrow". whoops! What I really meant was "a month from now".) So while I'm feeling guilty about posting so rarely lately, I will go ahead and tell y'all about the creepy bunny cupcakes. (I giggle every time I write that)

Around Easter this year, I was walking around our local Kroger sniffing the yummy looking (and smelling) fresh made cinnamon buns, when I spied something with my little eyes that began with the letter "C" (and also "B"...and then another "C").

What was that? Yes! You're right! Creepy Bunny Cupcakes!

These things made me stop in the middle of the store and just really laugh my ass off. I cannot imagine anyone thinking these things up and saying to themselves "These will be a huge hit this Easter! We must make THOUSANDS!!! They will sell out in 2 days!". Of course, when I found them, they were on clearance. So apparently they didn't go over as well as planned.

That did not deture me! Hey! 12 cupcakes for 2 bucks? Hell yeah we have a deal! LOL!

Rat and I ended up only eating 3 of them (total, not "a piece").

Now comes the time where I show you why.

"Hi! I love you! Can I drink your blood? Satan is my friend!"

Hee hee. Sorry. That's what runs through my head when I see this picture.'re still laughing? Okay. I'll wait.

*twiddling thumbs*

You okay? Alright. Now that you've cleaned whatever drink you were drinking off of whatever you just spit it on, let me ask you this: What could be creepier than that bunny cupcake?


It's a little army! A little creepy bunny cupcake army! All dressed up and ready to kill you in your sleep.

And can it possibly get any worse? Why yes! It can! Guess what kind of cake they're made of. Red velvet cake.

Is it any wonder now how 9 cupcakes survived in our house for about 2 weeks before I finally threw them away because I just couldn't look at their creepy little faces anymore? Actually...I didn't throw away the creepy little faces....I took them off and washed them out and I've been delighting myself in putting them on different things (like the cats, although I can't get them to sit still long enough for me to snap a few pictures).

So now you know my dirty little (creepy) secret. And I hope you thought it (at least parts of it) was funny. I know I did!


Arlene said...

I would have eaten them all really fast so I didn't have to look at them, but that's just me, on WW :-P
I think they're hilarious, and WTF was that person thinking that made them???

barnmouse said...

I have no idea! LOL Whoever made them must be nuts to think that they look cute or something. hee!