Monday, May 28, 2007

Is GI Jane Making A Comeback?

Y'all would not believe how many people find my site by Googling "women buzz cuts" or some variation there of. And all from this post. And seriosly. I did not shave all my hair off. To those of you thinking of doing that?


Just no.

I know the thought of not having to brush your hair or worry about the cowlicks, curling/flat irons, etc, but think about it. Do you really want to walk around looking like Britney Spears? Desperate with a dash of crazy? No. You don't.

And while we're on the subject, more than a few people have stumbled over here Googling thing such as "my dog ate my diet pills" and "my dog at vitamins". But my personal favorite has to be "my dog's leg is turning purple".


What the hell?!

I know when my dog has big gashes or has swallowed some drugs, the first thing I do is pop open the laptop and hop on over to Google. Maybe have a glass of wine. Chat on the phone. Catch up on my letter writing.


So this one of for all of you who come here under the pretense of getting some answers about something your dog ate or did. Or if they're swelling, bleeding, limping, loosing their hair, looking at you funny, or farting. CALL YOUR VET. OR BETTER YET, TAKE YOUR DOG TO THE VET. NOW!

Jeezy Creezy!

Next time, we'll cover "can I give my dog fridge and pantry foods" that where you keep the DOG FOOD? In that case, yes., "What if my dog ate a squirrel?"...oh do not even get me started on that one. my hand still cramps up when it's cold. Just let him eat the damn squirrel. and "hamster, fuzzy toes". Say what now?

Y'all keep 'em straight up thar! (and yes, long live Johnboy & Billy!!! Woo!)

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Arlene said...

You are going to get some hilarious google searches from this post!!!!