Sunday, October 1, 2006

buzz cut anyone?

So...there I was...lying in bed at 2:30 in the morning...again. I was beginning to convince myself that I had restless leg syndrome because the only time I could get comfy was when I wiggled my foot. I figured this would awake the sleeping monster uhh....husband who was trying to sleep and had to be at work early the next morning. I got up and realized that I was a little queesy and a lot dizzy. So I did what any insane sane person would do who was sick and dizzy and sleep deprived at 2:30 in the morning....

I cut the HELL outta my hair!

Isn't that what everyone does?

I then went downstairs and watched 5 hours of tv...all's the kinda crap you watch while you're waiting for something halfway decent to watch. It was so bad, I even contemplated watching *gasp* PAID PROGRAMING!!! Nooooo! Anything but THAT! I get sucked into those things so fast and by the time the infomercial is over I'm convinced that we need The Magic Bullet or the weird carpet rake thingy that gets up pet hair not to mention dirt and everything else you could have managed to dump on your carpet, presented to you by "Some Australian Guy" or whatever the half hour is dedicated to that COULD BE YOURS for only 7 payments of eleventy million dollars!!! What a deal! How could you NOT?!

So, I've been banned from watching the paid programing. Paid Programing = The Devil!

Computer Guy came downstairs in the morning (what? of COURSE I fell asleep on the couch. You know you do it too) and apparently he had been in the bathroom and saw my pile of hair on the counter, because when he saw me he said "Oh good, you still have hair. I thought you might be bald."

I've been slowly shortening my hair over the past year. Everytime I see the TLC specials on the family with 16 kids (OH MY GOD) and I see the wife with the hair past her butt that's all thin and has umm....what's it called when you have split ends times infinity? That, whatever it's called and then I have a nightmare about my mom taking me on one of those "I haven't cut my hair since 1979" talk shows to get it all chopped off. Anyway, that makes me want to take a razor to my head. So, it's gone from being at my waist (shut up) to now about halfway down my back. I should explain that I have really thick hair and that I was never one of those women with the straggley, down to my knees, hair. that's the back story on the "hair saga". I'll just say this and then we'll be done with it. I love my hair. Growing up, I hated my hair. I mean I HATED it. It's really, really thick and has a LOT of natural wave to it, so If I didn't tie it mean, UP I felt like I had a "Wafro" (that would be a word I made up to describe the "white girl afro" (and yes, I make up words!)(shut up) ANYway, so the long I let my hair grow, the more weight it had to it, and the more it straightened out. So, of course, my mom was ALWAYS on me to cut of course I said NO I LOVE MY HAIR GET OFF MY BACK GO AWAY I WILL NEVER CUT MY HAIR EVER. And so it went for about 8 years...untiiiiiiiil I discovered the great world of hair straighteners.

Hmm...that wasn't quite the "short version" was it? Wow...I can really fill a page with a lot of talk about nothing, huh?

On a much less hairy note...Computer Guy (still trying to think of a shorter name for him) took me to get an ice cream cone today! People still do this?! How lucky! It was very sweet of him, and it was right up my alley. We'll definitely be doing that again sometime soon. Hopefully a gym or a Jenny Craig will open up next door so we will continue to fit into our clothes.


an admirer said...

Looking go-o-o-o-d....keep up the good work! :)

Teena said...

I cut almost a foot of hair off a couple weeks ago. It was tramatic for the first few minutes but I love it now!

Teena said...

I didn't actually cut it ... I had J, the stylist, do it.

barnmouse said...

teena - I actually cut mine myself. I had a terrrrible experience with one hair stylist years ago, and now only trust one lady to cut it. Unfortunately, she's 2 hours away! I can't imagine cutting off a foot at a time! Over the past 14 months, I've cut about 18 inches off of mine, but I've had to do it in stages so I wouldn't freak out!

I'm definitely enjoying my new "short" hair (still about halfway down my back). It's so much lighter!