Friday, February 2, 2007

SPF - Loosing My Buttons...Uh, I Mean Marbles

This week for SPF, Kristine's assignment is "buttons" (or something kinda like that. I'm feeling lazy and really don't want to write it down word for word.).

This is a button that I found in the washing machine (or dryer). I have no idea what it goes to. I've looked through our clothes and nothing is missing a button. Are our clothes sprouting extra buttons? Budding? Is this a shirt seed? If I plant it will a shirt grow?

Anyway, here is the little lost button. And no, I can't throw it away. I must find what it goes too. I must! So it will continue to sit on the window sill in the laundry room beside the dryer.

Also, please excuse the horrid fake wood counter top.


Jenni said...

Ha! I love that, buttons as shirt seeds! You should totally plant it.

Happy SPF! Thanks for stopping by mine!

susan said...

I think that's what you get when you lose a sock...aren't you short a sock or two???

I played!

Lisa said...

Mystery button! It can go along with the single sock that will show up in a day or two. Makes me wonder what goes on in my laundry room when I'm not around. :)

Hyman said...

LOL!!! I'm the same way...I'll let them sit somewhere until I find where it came from. The other day I found a (small) chain link in my bed and I left it on my bedside table for DAYS until I found where it came from.

Thanks for stopping by. Great SPF!!

Jana said...

I have a whole pile of buttons that have fallen off of something. But I will continue to keep them until I figure out where they go!

Thanks for your kind words about my drawing!

Teena said...

Hey! That's MY button! How did it get to your place??

Thanks for stopping by mine :)

Rach said...

Could it have been an extra button, attached to the inside of a garment? I've found buttons that have come from that before.