Friday, February 2, 2007

Dear Residents of NY, NJ, or CT

Turn on your tv to the CW channel, call 1-900-288-7529 or text "play" to 66866 and tell them either "cheeseburger", "soda", or "taco".

You could win either $3777 or $500. And even if the word you choose isn't right, you'll still win $25! C'mon! This is killing me! I'm giving you the answers to the "Play 2 Win" word puzzle. (word snake, whatever)

Being a lowly resident of NC, I'm not eligable to play. Gah!

Do it!


**Updated to add: I also just found the word "Nuggets"!'ll win money! And then you can split it with me for being so smart and wonderful!

Y'all!!! It's TACO! TACO TACO TACO TACO!!!!!

Wow....never let me loose in Vegas.


**Updated again....I'm also seeing "Calzone"

Please....y' head is going to implode. Where is everyone from New York and New Jersey and Connecticut?!

Y'all are killin' me. I swear, if I knew anyone in any of those three states I'd be calling them right now and screaming "TACO AND CALZONE! TACO AND CALZONE!"

**Updated just one last time:'s over. To my credit, "Taco and Calzone" was right. BOOYAH! See....should have called!

Can't count on me to have insomnia every night. Or can you?

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