Monday, February 5, 2007


Sorry for the pause. My parents came up this past weekend and I was busy entertaining (and by entertaining I mean stuffing my face with everything from fondue to birthday cake to the best slice of gigantic pizza I've ever had from Sbarro).

Apparently the kitties felt left out since we brought them back no fondue and shared none of the cake or other goodies. And if they thought I was going to share my pizza, they're crazier than I thought.

I say this because when I got up this morning I found this:

Which not 24 hours ago had 4 or 5 colored feathers* sticking out of it's butt. Now it's reduced to have a chilly, bald hiney.

And also, this:

Which, I might be wrong here, but I could swear that the last time I looked at the hot dog buns that they didn't have a huge hole gnawed in the bag and a chunk of hot dog bun missing. But really. Might be just me.

And the culprit?

Who has apparently set his sights on the poor unsuspecting orange, shiney ball. I'm expecting to find toy innards in the dining room any minute now.

*which I can find none of, but rest assured I'll be seeing them tomorrow when I clean out the litter box. pray for me (and for Winston).


Hyman said...

Naughty kitty!! (I love saying that) lol Aren't pets fun?!

barnmouse said...

LOL, yeah, except for 4 am when they decide to rip something up. It's always fun to wake up in a panic thinking someone broke into the house. Thanks kitty. Or Naughty Kitty! LOL!