Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Things on the Side of the Road Thursday, Part 2

Yeah, I know I missed last week. I was just starting to get sick and felt like death on toast, so I decided to save the picture I took for this week when I could be, hopefully at least a little bit more entertaining.

Now, this isn't really what I had in mind when I thought about doing "things on the side of the road Thursday", but it sort of fits, so just go with it. By the way, are those new shoes? I just love them! They're so pretty and pointy and make your feet look so small! What size do you wear?

Now on to the pictures...

This just creeps me the hell out. On either side, there are live trees that are all pretty and green and have like, branches and stuff. Then there's just this....dead patch. It's spooky.

This particular chunk of deadness is on the way to lots of places from our house so we pass it at least once a month. Whenever we drive past it at night, I always kind of expect to see glowy green fog or something rising from the muckiness. Or maybe a huge mutated rat.

Sorry. That's all I've got for this week's "Things on the Road Thursday". I'll try to come up with something better for next week.

On the plus side, someone here must have seen the last "TRT" because a few days later, the Creepy Santa was gone! Yay! Now if I could just get some flowers planted over by the dead tree patch.


Robes said...

but if you plant flowers and they die, won't it feel like a little piece of your soul has been sacrificed for nothing?

barnmouse said...

At least I would know that I had tried. Then I would find an alternate route. Preferably, a pretty one ;)