Thursday, February 1, 2007

Screwdriver Watch - Day 476

Screwdriver Update!!!

The screwdriver is no longer on the kitchen counter!

It is now on the kitchen table. Next to my calendar which is (whoops) still on January. The sad thing is that I noticed that when I was taking the picture, and it's still on January. Putting down the camera and turning the page on the calendar was just too much for me. You know, with the risk of paper cuts and all. Those things hurt, man!

In other news, IT SNOWED this morning. I'd say we got about an inch to an inch and a half. Nothing really major, but generally, when it snows here it's in the middle of the night and we don't get to see the big fluffy snowflakes floating through the air and landing on...well...on a big pile of dog poop, okay? Ya' happy now? Shadow gets very excited about snow. Which is understandable since he's half husky. Yep, he's half husky, half pain in the ass. Hee! Anyway, snow just sends him through the roof. He runs around the yard with his mouth open shoveling up the snow and eating it. Of course, his face gets covered with what appears to be the worst case of dandruff ever. But his head is apparently not the only thing that gets overly excited when it snows. So pretty soon, our pretty backyard is no longer covered in a blanket of white. Now it's covered with huge dog paw prints, scoop marks from where he did a line of snow, and little brown blobs scattered about the yard.

But now the snow is melting and it sounds like it's raining outside, but that's just the sound of melted snow running through the gutters. It's very disconcerting. I keep going to the window to see how hard it's raining, and it isn't raining at all.

Keep coming back. This feels like one of those days where I update a frillion times. Before I started writing this post, I had a ton of things to say, and now...poof....they're all gone. But you never know when they're going to return. So stay tuned.

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