Tuesday, January 9, 2007

Things I walked into today

Because this is the most fascinating thing I can come up with to write about today, I bring you "The List of Things I Walked into Today".

1. The wall. I woke up, rubbed my sleepy little eyes, crawled out of bed, headed for the bathroom and ran my entire right side into the wall. On the plus side, my entire left side made it through the door.

2. My exercise bike. My stationary exercise bike. But come to think of it, most of the things I ran into today were stationary. (see #1...those walls don't move around a lot)

3. The dog. Now, granted, he weighs a good 115 pounds, so he was fine, but owww! My poor toe! He has this aversion to having his toenails clipped and for a big boy, Shadow can be surprisingly squirmy, so I just kind of rely on the asphalt to wear them down, which actually works pretty well, but since I've been such a slacker lately I nearly impailed my TOE on his talon-ish claws. (wow...what a run-on sentence)

4. Another wall. I wasn't even sleepy this time. Or drunk. Bad wall. Bad. Hate.

5. The coffee table, but I'm constantly running into that damn thing. I think I have a permanant bruise on my leg from where the leg does this "hook" thing. I should take a picture. I'm pretty bored now.....so.....yeah. Yes. I'll take a picture.

6. This doesn't really count as running into something, but I was walking out into the garage and we have three steps that go down to a little landing and then there's a turn and you walk down two more steps. Most of the time, I get this right. Not today. I got down the first 2 steps okay, but then somehow, I managed this wiggle, twist thing and ended up facing the door, which I grabbed onto pretty hard. So #6 is "imaginary thing in garage".

7. The refrigerator. Also kind of an everyday occurance.

Gee. I really think I should start watching where I'm going.

8. I can't think of anything else, but the day's not over yet. The closer it gets to bedtime, the more likely I am to slam into some other random thing and cause slight, yet funny injury to myself. So check back later for updates.

Edited to add: The picture that I took and then totally forgot to include, AND a #9! I ran into the vacuum cleaner while vacuuming. Although I can't decide whether I ran into it or it ran into me. I mean, we were both moving at the same time. Considering that it ran over me, I think I'll say that it's a tie (since I was actually pulling it at the time).


Shell said...

You're as bad as me. I never really counted. Maybe I will do that one day.

barnmouse said...

You totally should. You might learn something about yourself. I sure did. I was expecting to stop at maybe 4, but to come up with 9?! Damn I walk into a lot of stuff!