Wednesday, January 10, 2007

I now dub thee sir "sounds like a bad name, but it's really not, I swear, I have examples!"

Okay....y'all remember many times, long, long ago when I complained and whined about coming up with a name for my hubby, instead of the way overused "Hubby", "The Hub", "The Hubs", etc...

Well, I think I've done it. Now, give it a chance before you go and judge. I was trying to come up with something that fit him, which is where I went wrong. Last night, while not sleeping, again, I decided to try and come up with something. Anything. At. All.

So here's what I've got. I'm mouse, Miss Mouse, if you feel you need to be proper and give me the respect I so rightfully deserve. So. What kind of goes with mouse? Yes! That's right. Rat!

Stop looking at me that way.

Not nasty, glowy-eyed, sewer-dwelling, nuclear waste-eating rat. I mean sweet, cute, fuzzy, chubby, mouth full of food, kind of rat. Like at PetsMart! Or like Steve McQueen on House!
Say it with me now...."Awwwwww"! He's all cute and fooffy and squishy! I am filled with warm fuzzyness and the need to go to PetsMart and buy a rat. See, when I was thinking about what to call my husband on this here blog, my first thought was "hamster". Cause hamsters are larger than mice. But then kept thinking of funny Richard Gere rumor and just couldn't do it. Then I remembered Steve McQueen from House! And ta da! A star was born!

Speaking of things that fill me with warm fuzzies......

THIS is not one of them. That there? Is a freakin' BOOT PRINT on my FLOOR MAT. It magically appeared during one of the last two times I had to take my Jeep Liberty in for recalls. That's right. Plural. And nothing gives you confidence in the dealership mechanics than hearing them say "I don't know how long it'll take to finish. This is the first one we've done." twice in two weeks. Of course, it's all my fault for buying a Jeep that runs on biodiesel because it's better for the environment. Stupid me. Stupid boot-print-leavin' mechanic! Of course, I couldn't notice it until a week after the last appointment. Stupid me, again.


Back to things that are shiney and pretty and fill me with warm fuzzies.

This was a Christmas present from my super duper Super Model friend! I luuurve it. It's a journal, and I it didn't show up real well in the picture, but her itty bitty red outfit is made of little sparklies. And I loves me some sparklies! It's also a journal, on TOP of being super cool and pretty on the outside! So I'm supposed to take it with me places and write down all my random thoughts. I have lots of those. Maybe this will help me remember all those things that I thought I'd write about but then forgot, even though they'd be absolutely hilarious and make milk or whatever come out of your nose when you read them. Yeah, I'm trying to do better. I've even written stuff in it already! That will be my next entry. Hopefully.

On a completely unrealted note, has anyone tried the South Beach Diet? I'm starting tomorrow. So of course, tonight, I had pasta. Hee. Had to get my fix, man!

So I'm still waiting on a call from Rat to tell me to come pick him up from work, since he went in again this evening for some thingamajig or other. Don't tell him , but I totally don't really get what he does at all. It's computer mumbojumbo. He can fix anything! (of course, that's only after he breaks it...but still! Fix! Good!) He's so smart. I feel slightly stupid around him sometimes, although I'm sure I know tons of stuff that he doesn't. Like train a horse! Can he train a horse?! No! Didn't think so. Thankyouverymuch. Oh, but if you NEED a horse trained, I'm totally you're girl. Really. In North Carolina? Have a pretty horse you need trained that you're willing to pay me tons and tons of money for? Me! Pick me! OH OH OH!!! *Horshack impression* Seriously though, I taught my horse to lay down. Lay. Down. With me still on his back. Totally felt like a camel! Weird.

Enough advertising. Love me people! Love me! Think I'm cute and pretty! I'll cry. I swear I will.



Here is picture of cute, fuzzy, adorable, squishy, Winston kitty. He always props one leg out like that. Is that weird?

Awww....he's just so cute and tubby! And his teensy weensy wittle kitty feet?! I think I might just cry!

Must go medicate self.


Lazy Lightning said...

Oh dude. A bootprint in your car? Laaaame! I have come to notice that mechanics only tend to use those plastic mats they're supposed to put down to cover your interior, if your car is brand new and under warranty.

Good luck on South Beach. Haven't tried that one!

barnmouse said...

Yeah. Totally lame. And they've always put one of those thick paper mat-thingys down before (normally they just leave them there for me to dispose of just as soon as I can get my seat back to where I had it before when it was just perfect but apparently the only person available to move my car the 16 feet to the parking lot was 4 feet tall), and my Jeep is under warranty. It's a 2005.

The people at this dealership are such slackers.