Monday, January 8, 2007

Oooh that smell....Can't cha smell that smell....

Oh My God.

The "Mysterious Smell".

That's just hysterical.

Our conversation over dinner (of pizza....I am such a gourmet chef. yeah, me and Papa John) consisted of "gee....WHAT could that smell be?"

Hubby nearly choked on his pizza.

That was hysterical too.

Because he didn't actually choke.

I think my favorite idea of what that "Mystery Smell" could be (that was the headline on the news channel we watch....."Mysterious Smell") was something about how Taco Bell must be having more problems with their food. Okay, maybe you had to be there. But I was there and it was FUNNY!

On a totally unrelated note, except the fact that they were both on the news, I'm guessing that everyone who watched the news saw the same clip about the Nigerian terrorists that are trying to destroy the oil and all that. Did anyone else but me notice when they panned the camera and got the whole group of guys, that there was this one nothing but underwear? (Everyone else was wearing pants and such) And not just any underwear....the kind of underwear that little boys wear that generally have Spiderman or Blue's Clues or something like that on them!

Yeah, then it was my turn to almost choke on my pizza.

But I didn't.

And also, our new sports guy? Hate! Moron. It's DUKE! Not "The Dukies". Idiot. Grr.

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