Monday, January 15, 2007

Screwdriver Watch 2007

Yup. Still there.

It's been pushed a few inches to the right to make room for the mini cuisinart thingamajigger, but other than that, it refuses to be returned to the toolbox where all the bigger screwdrivers make fun of it.

In other completely random, not even related in the least bit news....

That would be my dog's Christmas present from his grandparents. I kinda hung it there to get it off the kitchen table and sort of....well....forgot about it. Even though it's on the pantry door which I have to open every freakin' day. I'm um...trying to keep the white parts white. Yeah. That's it. We have that horrible clay crap instead of dirt that turns everything orange, including the white parts of my dog. Maybe some day he'll actually get to play with his toy. When I think about it. Which will probably be by next Christmas.

You give me toy! You give me toy NOW or I burst you into flames!!!

And no, he doesn't have pink eye or something....his eyes just do weird thing with flashes since they're such a light blue. Or maybe it's just the devil dog in him. Hee.

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