Friday, January 12, 2007

Five-Finger Discount Store?

I stole a pen. This pen.

From CVS.

I totally did not mean to. And didn't even know about it until I got home and was unpacking my bag.

It isn't one of the pens that they sell there, or at least it wasn't still in the wrapping. Hell, it doesn't even come with a cap!

And to make things even weirder (more weird? which is it?) I didn't even sign anything. You know, sometimes, when you have to sign the credit card slip thingy, you kind of wander off with the pen? Like when you see something shiney in the distance? Just me? Okay then. But I didn't sign anything there! So apparently the girl behind the desk was just tired of that pen....or she thought I looked pen-less? Or maybe she hoped it would leak all over my cough drops. Who knows.

But I love this pen. I luuuuurve this pen. It writes so smooth! Even with no cap to keep it from drying out.

I think I'll keep it.

I'm such a rebel.

In other totally non-related news:

I keep trying to put this in the dishwasher. It is on my kitchen counter and I have no idea why. (And no that is not Oak or Walnut or whatever, it is plastic and sucky and I hate my counter tops. Fake wood is just the worst choice ever. And you can't put anything hot on it because it will melt and knives cut it, and hate! Just HATE.)

And why is there a screwdriver on the counter? No clue. I also keep trying to put it in the little knife holder thingy. Am apparently retarded.

Just move the screwdriver already you moron!

But I didn't put it there.

So? Does that mean you can't put it back in the tool box?




Yeah, I thought so. Stop messing around with the computer and go put the screwdriver away before you try and slice a steak with it or something.

But what if it's there for a reason?

Well how long has it been there?

I dunno....I think I took the picture about 3 days ago...and it had been there a few days before that too.

GO PUT THE DAMN SCREWDRIVER AWAY AND SHUT UP ABOUT IT ALREADY. Oh, and stop talking to yourself. Remember the woman in the grocery talking to herself? You wouldn't even go down the same aisle she was on.

Oh yeah. She was weird.

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