Tuesday, January 16, 2007


A discussion that has taken place probably too many times in the past two weeks. But I will not let it go. Will. Not. Let. Go.

Mouse: Can we get a treadmill?

Rat: no.

Mouse: They're on sale right now.

Rat: no.

Mouse: Please?

Rat: no.

Mouse: Pleeeeaaassssse?

Rat: no.

Mouse: pleasepleasepleasepleasepleasepleaseplease

Rat: *still not looking up from computer* no.

Mouse: *pout*

Mouse: Did I mention they're on saaaale?

Rat: yes. and no.

Mouse: But I'll do nice things for you.

Rat: no.

Mouse: I'll do really nice things for you.

Rat: no.

Mouse: I'll wash your truck.

Rat: hmm......no.

Mouse: but....I can't jog on the trails around here because Shadow is a Spaz and the last time I tried jogging with him he tripped me in front of a bunch of guys who worked at the Ford dealership, you know the one where they only sell trucks and I just wanted to die. And I can't jog without him on the trails because they're creepy people that walk on those trails and that one guy followed me and it looked like he was wearing a woman's wig and also a hat and sunglasses, and who works out in jeans? Really! And even though there are all kinds of signs posted that say "Keep your dog on a leash at all times" some people still don't and I'm worried that if their dogs run up to Shadow then he will kill them and it won't be my fault because my damn dog was on a leash and yours wasn't you big loserhead! But then I'll feel all bad and stuff and something bad might happen to Shadow, because he really IS a spaz, so that's why I need a treadmill.

Rat: no.

Mouse: But I wanna get in shape....so I can look pretty.....For you!!!

Rat: *laughing*

Rat: *still not looking up from computer*

Rat: no.

Mouse: *sigh*

**5 minute silence**

Rat: Have you decided what you want to do for your mother for her birthday?

Mouse: no.

Rat: Well it's coming up, you need to figure something out.

Mouse: Okay. How about we get her a treadmill and keep it here.

**Conversation is always sneakily changed somehow at this point. I don't know what happens really. I think he compliments my hair or something and I blush and giggle like an idiot because my husband thinks I'm pretty and awwww**


Shell said...

See my Boyfriend would say "Yeah...sure...you're going to put it together, right" and then I would decide I really don't want one.

barnmouse said...

LOL Not me. I'll attempt to put anything together. Now, whether or not it stays together...that's a different story. If I tried to put a treadmill together I'd probably end up flying across the room when I tried to use it! :P