Monday, November 20, 2006

What? Huh?

Umm. Yeah. I'm a total slacker.

Sorry it's been so long since I've posted. I am, of course, appologizing to the like 2 other people who read this, but nonetheless....sorry. Total slacker. Me. Yup.

Thanksgiving has totally snuck up on me this year. Normally I'm anxiously awaiting the third Thursday of November, but this year...I remember blinking on Halloween and then suddenly it's 3 days until Thanksgiving! What? Time, where did you go?

I am now on the edge of my seat. Convinced I'm going to forget something. I'm like this every year. And generally....I end up forgetting something!!! I go waaay past "prepared" at home with list after list of what I'm bringing, what I'm making there, the ingredients that I need, the utensils, etc...etc...etc... I mean, at this point (Monday morning at 2:11AM) I've already got the ingredients that I'm taking with me on the counter with my recipe book and my (don't laugh) (I mean it) Thanksgiving notebook. There. You're laughing aren't you. I know you are. Don't lie. I'll wait while you calm down. Yes...I drew a turkey on it...and yes, also I wrote "gobble gobble gobble" beside the turkey's head. I am a dork. Did you not know this by now? Have you not been paying attention?

I'm also making a few things before we go (Wednesday night) and then making something when we get to my parent's house (Wednesday night also), and then making a few more things on Thursday. I'm terrified I'm going to forget something. I wasn't this nervous when I got married. But come on...this is Thanksgiving!!!

I'm afraid I've rambled a bit. Uhh. Yeah. Sorry.

Sooo....hmm....anything else?

Only this...

Mmmmm.....test-run apple pie!

And yeah....that IS a homemade crust too.


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