Tuesday, November 14, 2006

oh yeah, I have a blog...


I've been off in LaLa Land over the past couple of days....and by "LaLa Land" I mean "sick on the couch" and by "couple of days" I mean "nearly a week". OK. "Enough" with the "parenthases". (P.S. """""") Okay, I'm done. I mean "done". HA!

Nothing much has happened, except that my hubby took the test for his yellow belt (TaeKwonDo) and PASSED!!!! OH YEEEEAAAAH! LOL He was (and should be) very proud....and so was I! I still am! And tonight was the ceremony type dealy where he actually GOT the yellow belt.

I have to say....I am VERY disappointed in the parents and spouses that attend these things. I have never seen a larger crowd of uninterested people IN MY LIFE. We got there on time for the testing on Friday, but apparently people knew to get there earlier than on time, so I got stuck in what I like to call the Peanut Gallery, which is the little room that people who go to watch regular lessons have to sit. During testing and whatnot people are allowed into the main room because there is just no room in the "Peanut Gallery".

Now, as I said, I got stuck in there. The fat lady beside me (I would not normally label someone as "fat", but there's just no other way to describe this woman) took up the seat beside her with what could only be described as an 8 pound bag of M&M's and constantly munched on them between yelling at her kid to sit down (which he did not do) and well....eating more M&M's. The man in front of me, who was about 11 feet tall, with a wing span....I mean ear span of about 3 feet....kept blocking my view and chatting with his "friend". (there I go again with the parenthases) And right after we all stood to say the Pledge of Allegiance, I had already sat down, and he was halfway sitting down (you know the pose....like, sticking your butt out) and he decided that this would be the time to DIG FOR GOLD!!!! Right in my FACE! OH MY GOD!!! EWWWW!!!!! It was all I could do not to bust out laughing. I nearly had to go outside. Anyway, then there were the parents who thought it necessary to bring their young kids that are just too young to sit and be quiet for an hour and a half. And allowing your kid to just scream their heads off when they're not the ones getting attention that they think they deserve is not permitted there, so we had parents going in and out of the rooms constantly. It was all very destracting and I only got 3 decent pictures of the hubby doing his test.

And today....ohhh....don't even get me started today. We got there early so I could get a seat in the "big room" (I feel like the adult that always gets forced to sit at the "kiddy table" at Thanksgiving). I got me a seat in the front row! Yay me! Then, this woman with pigtails down to her KNEES sat next to me. While I thought she was a bit odd, I thought it would be fine. Until I realized that she brought a BOOK TO READ during the CEREMONY!!! WHAT?! Then she said something to one of her 3 kids (one of which I would swear was a girl but was NOT...oops) her breath nearly KNOCKED MY ASS OUT!!! I have never smelled breath THIS BAD. EVER. I thought I was going to vomit. It was horrible. Then there was the kid who wanted to grab my hair sitting behind me and when his mother wouldn't let him, he screamed. In my ear.

I don't have kids. And after this, I really don't want them. Actually, I think the blame lays on the parents on this one. Kids are kids. They scream and talk and can't sit still. These tests and ceremonies are planned a YEAR IN ADVANCE PEOPLE! You can't find a babysitter in a YEAR?! LEAVE the little kids at HOME. PLEASE! For my sanity.

Okay....I'm done. *stepping off soapbox*

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