Friday, November 10, 2006

SPF- Yes! I mean NO! Well...maybe...

Let's jump right in, shall we?

1.) Yes!

Okay....what that should read is "Yes! I am a huge dork!". I bought this dried fruit 2 weeks ago at the grocery store and then couldn't find it again. I was devestated! Then yesterday, I went into a different grocery store and realized that "dumbass!" (me) had been searching the shelves in the WRONG GROCERY STORE! On the plus side, I made a little kid laugh when she over heard me talking to myself about what an idiot I am! So this is my YES! YES YES YES!!! I'm so happy I found it! Yaaaay!'s dried fruit! So I can have more than one piece! YES!

2.) NO!

This is my dog. He's boycotting outside. That look means "No. I wanna stay inside with my cows" (the two stuffed toys beside him are cows. one moos. it's hilarious. but not at 3 in the morning.) When I took this picture, I had the back door open to the garage and the garage door open to the back yard. He pretty much has a straight shot. But nooooo. Can't be bothered. He says "Hmm....outside. I'm thinking that's a no. I will take some treats if you have them though."

3.) Maybe...

Will I clean this pan? Won't I clean this pan? Meh. It's still up in the air. Can't I just throw the dirty pans away? Please? (on the plus side, I did clean that bowl!)

Did you play? Yes? No? Maybe?


Caylynn said...

Such a cute dog! :) Love the expression on his face!

That dried fruit looks yummy. :) Yay on finding it again!

My photos are up. Have a good weekend. :)

Big Sky Girl said...

I played! What a sweet puppy!

Kami said...

Cute puppy!

It would be nice if pans would clean themselves.

Army of Mom said...

The dog's face is cracking me up.

I played, too.

Lisa said...

Yeah, self cleaning pans would rock!

What a cutie your dog is. My dog doesn't want to go out when it is raining. Crazy thing, but I love her!

Happy SPF and I played too.

Nichole said...

look at that face... what a cutie! I played!

Teena said...

I love the "no" pic!

I played to :)

Uzz said...

Love that dog! Is it my imagination or are those two different colored eyes? Great expression!

I played as well, so feel free to stop by and have a great weekend!!!

Mama C said...

Throw out the pan! I have done that with found tupperware in the fridge.

I played.