Thursday, November 2, 2006

PURTAY Chuck. Chuck, this is everybody. Say "hi" Chuck.

Chuck: beep beep

Chuck the Truck.....get it? I'm so original, I scare myself sometimes. har har!

I spent over 4 hours today washing, drying, detailing, and waxing my truck. And yes, I consider it a "truck"....just not a "pickup truck". I've debated this with many-a-people, and I always win, so just don't even start....unless you agree with me.

My arms and shoulders hurt SO bad. Chuck's definitely not one of those humongous SUVs, but damn if it didn't seem like it was expanding. Everytime I thought I was getting close to even halfway through, I'd realize that there was something that I'd forgotten. Chuck became like the Batmobile! Everytime I turned around there was MORE of him!

But now he's all clean and shiney and PURTAY!

This one, on the other hand ....

I have written my name on....and then more dust accumulated....and then I wrote my name on again.....and I swear....when we put the battery back in it.....I'm gonna wash her! Probably. She's really easy to wash, though....being so short. Her name is "Missy" ya' get it? do ya? get it? It's a Mitsubishi and one day, I heard someone call a mitsubishi "missy bitchy" and I kinda liked it! So, she was dubbed "Missy".

Yeah....I name stuff....shut up.

Our TV is named "Stevie".

*pausing for inevitable laughter fits*

My hubby's truck is named "Blueberry"....because it's blue....very very blue...and he kept calling it "Blueberry" and I said "if you keep calling that thing 'Blueberry' that name is gonna stick!" and sure 'nuff....8 months later, we're still calling it Blueberry.


To sum up....

Chuck = shiney & clean
Missy = dusty & graffiti-ized with my name
Blueberry = still blue


Shell said...

My Tivo is Steve-o the Tivo. Cool, huh? Hehehehe.

barnmouse said...

BWAHAHAHA!!! That's too funny! :) I'll have to think of one for our Dish Net what rhymes with receiver....ummm.....hmm...