Thursday, November 2, 2006

Oh. My. Freakin'. Gawd.

Y'all....we're gettin' a Trader Joe's!

I'm so excited!

Is that sad?

I don't care! We're gettin' a Trader Joe's! We're gettin' a Trader Joe's!

Nananananana nanananananana!!!!

I should probably explain that I love to cook! Love. To. Cook. I tried making chicken enchiladas tonight that we had last week at Super Model and her boyfriend Suds' house. I uh...didn't actually ask them what went in it, I just tried to watch. Kinda.

They turned out pretty good too!

And I'm always trying to make new things that call for stuff that my regular crap-o-mart doesn't carry. And sometimes they used to carry it, but I apparently bought it all so they decided not to reorder! The big Derfwads!

So....I'm excited about a grocery store. Let's all try to move on.

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