Friday, November 3, 2006

SPF - The Good, Bad, and Ugly

This week we have a supposedly easy SPF consisting of:

1.) The Good
2.) The Bad
3.) The Ugly

Generally, I do not have to think about these things all week long, but I have been drawing a blank on this one. Yeah, yeah, I know, I suck. Anyway, here goes...

1.) The Good

Mmmmm....Diet Mountain Dew....I could not live without you! I mean, I probably could, but let's not give that a try. I switched from regular Mountain Dew about a year ago and I must admit....the diet stuff tasted like grass for the first two weeks, but now it tastes just like the regular to me. In fact, I was with the Hubby a few months ago and sort of kind of halfway choked and we were in the car and I had no drink, so I took a swig of his (he drinks the regular stuff) and it tasted like I might as well be drinking maple syrup. Yuck. I highly recommend the diet. No syrupy stuff in your throat...always a good thing.

2.) The Bad.

This is Squish. The Fish. He is a very bad fish. There used to be other fish in there with him. Used. To. Be. He killed them. (Bad fish! Bad!) They were all the same, Tiger Barbs, like the girl at the fish place suggested (since they were agressive, just supposedly not toward each other....well HA HA HA. Weren't they just WRONG!) and we also got a silver shark that they said the other fish definitely would NOT mess with. Let's just say I ended up having to rescue the poor little shark from sudden death by fin nibbling! There is one other fish in there with Squish. It's one of those sucker fish that I named Humphrey. Humphrey is easily 8 times the size of Squish, yet Squish STILL picks on him! BAD BAD FISH! (much finger wagging)

3.) The Ugly.

No, not the adorable kitty. The knitting. MY knitting. I just learned, so it's ok that it's kinda ugly....well, I learned nearly a year ago. My Aunt taught me over Thanksiving. My Granny tried to teach me when I was about 8 and that just wasn't gonna happen. I made a little blanket for my cat, but then kind of forgot all about it. Anyway, I picked it up again over Thanksgiving last year (and remembered NOTHING from when I was 8). I made my dad a scarf for last Christmas which took me...well...I'm not gonna tell you how long it took me. It's embarassing. I made my mom a scarf for Mother's Day (and gave it to her in July....oops....took a little longer that I expected). So basically, I've only given things to family members because....well....the phrase "something only a mother could love" comes to mind. The cute kitty DID help in making it just a little more ugly after I tried to pick it up off the floor and wrap it back up after taking the picture by snagging it and trying to eat it. Ugh. So. Yeah. Ugly. sigh

Did You Play?!


ficklechick said...

I didn't know there were bully fish! :)

I played!

hemlock said...

I think it rocks that you're learning how to knit! I've given it some thought... and then thought better of it. I think your scarf (that is a scarf, right?!) looks great. Seriously... I'm not just saying that!!

Squish looks like a badass.

I played too!

Random and Odd said...

OMG.. that fish story was hysterical. I have never heard of fish that is such a bully!!

Lisa said...

I think your knitting looks just fine! Then again, I don't know how to do it, but it's the thought that counts with a gift anyhow, right? :-)

Happy SPF and thanks for stopping by mine.

Southern Fried Girl said...

My fam is so into the Diet Dew. I am more of a diet Coke girl myself.

Sheri & SuZan said...

BAD FISH...I guess he didn't learn the golden rule and doesn't share or get along well with others.

btw: Your knitting looks great to me!!!

Have a great weekend.

Shell said...

Oh yeah. I've had fish like that. MANY fish. You wake up one morning and say "What the hell happened to the other two fish in here" and realize that they were a midnight snack.

I tried learning how to knit. My Mom was trying to teach me and basically gave up.

The Kept Woman said...

If I might consider keeping the Bad Fish in a blender (unplugged of course) as a warning of sorts that if he doesn't get his sh&t together he could be the cocktail du jour.

Animal Planet is knockin on my door for a pet advice type show, please excuse me...

barnmouse said...

LMAO @ keeping the fish in a blender as a warning!!!!

I'd watch the show ;)