Wednesday, November 1, 2006

Halloween...The Final Chapter! I promise...

Here are a few more good shots of my pumpkins (one that I finished as the kids were all arriving...I think some of them got pumpkin "goo" all over their candy from my icky hands....Sorry Kids!!! )
This is the one that I had to finish in the dark...those bats took forever. The pumpkin was an odd shape, so I had to prop it up a bit with a piece of particle board.

.....and in the dark. I had to put 4 candles in it to light it up enough so you could see the bats.

and here's the one of the wolf in the dark. Looks much better!

And.....just because I love y''s the only picture that came out of my dog all dressed up to eat some Trick-or-Treaters...uhh...I mean "Trick-or-Treats"....maybe... I had to let him sniff around the laundry room just to keep the costume on him. And for those of you who can't tell, he's a Milkbone Dog Treat! Hahahahahahahahaaaa!!!!

You'll have to wait until next year to see what I'm gonna come up with next ;)

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