Thursday, September 28, 2006

SPF - Muse, News, Booze, Cruise (hey, I like where this is going)

This week, the SPF category is Muse. Let's jump right in, shall we? It's been a long week.

1.) SomeTHING (not someone) that inspires you to do what you do. (work, hobby, donate, create...whatever)

These are just a sampling of my books. I LOVE my books. I'm in the middle of re-flooring my office at the moment though, so this is all I could get to in the guestroom (if there were some plants, it would literally be a "jungle in there"). I am a writer....mostly....or at least, attempting to be one. Even just looking at these books imspires me to want to write. Unfortunately, that's not all it takes. Also, GOOD IDEAS help sometimes too. Where do I find those? Maybe they're under the bed.

2.) Something you don't like to read about on blogs. (yes, you can find a picture to describe this)

Oh boy was she ever right!

THE NEWS!!! I hate the news. My husband makes me watch two hours of news every night (thankfully, mostly not on the weekends). All culminating in ABC's World News Tonight with Charles Gibson (ugh). I miss Peter Jennings! Pete and I had a repore. FOr starters, I called him "Pete". Pete and I were good buddies. Anyway, if I wanted to READ the news, I'd go to one of the INFINITE news sites and read it from there without all the personal opinion stuff and the conveniently leaving-out of specific things that only help to make whoever's point. short. The News. There's a reason that this paper...correction...this PART of the paper from...uhh...apparently 2003 was the only on in the house, and that was only because something was wrapped in it (notice the lovely wrinkles). News is not funny (generally) and when I go online, I mostly just want to be entertained. I need funny, y'all!

3.) Something that inspires you to write on your blog.(okay, she may have written "plog", but I just wrote "GLOG"! HA!)

My music. And pretty much just MY music...definitely NOT my husband's music. My music gives me inspiration for pretty much anything I want or need to do. My husband's music, on the other hand, makes me want to scratch someone's eyes out! Mainly HIS! It's bad, y'all. Baaaaad. My music is gooooood. So what all this boils down to is: Him = bad and Me = GOOD! (hee)

Did you play?! :)


sannie said...

Great SPF! I love books... and you are right, they can be very inspiring :)

I played.

Lisa said...

I love my books and my iPod!
Can't live without them. :-)

Happy SPF and I played too.

Army of Mom said...

ahhhhhh! As a former newspaper reporter, it makes me sad when people don't like to read the news. Although I understand the news overload, we get that way sometimes here. ;)

Good SPF. I want that iPod!

I played.

Jana said...

I never watch the news. Ever. I can't stand all the negativity.

I played!

Christie said...

happy spf :)
I played

Connie said...

Great job. I played too

Teena said...

It's fun seeing everyone's interpretations on this.

I played :)

Random and Odd said...

I have the news on 24 hours a day!! When I log's all about dorky reading and acting like a nut :)

Lori said...

Great SPF!

I rarely watch the news anymore.

Suzanne R said...

Thanks for the laugh on #3! ;-) I liked your SPF! Yeah, I'm not much on news blogs either.

I played.

Mama C said...

Love your books. Love books too and those floors look great.

I don't like to read news on blogs either.

I played.