Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Can you pull your spleen? I think I pulled my spleen.

So, Computer Guy and I went to Model and Suds' (the artist formerly known as Mr Clean, but after getting to know him a little better, this fits more and plus I'm trying to cut everyone's pseudonym down to one word, so Computer Guy might get a new name shortly too) house this past Saturday and had dinner. It was yummy. I'd never had a spicey tomato sauce before, but I'll definitely be trying to copy it in the future!

Also, after dinner...we played CRANIUM! I'd never played that before, but had seen several commercials on tv that made no sense what-so-ever. Some guy dancing around with a purple brain hat on his head with a guitar singing some weird little song.

Anyway. We stared at the box for awhile (which is the size of a trivial pursuit box, which frankly, scared me a little) and then decided what the hell! Let's tear into this thing! So we open the box and Computer Guy did what he always does when we get something new and exciting. He reads the directions, people! I'm like Oh my God, can't we just figure this out?! Model has played this like three times before! Apparently we could not, since we had to continuously go back to the directions page thingy all through the game!

It was such a blast! We played this game until almost 2 am! I thought it was maybe 12.

I also learned something about myself and Computer Guy. I am a GOOD GUESSER. Okay, I guess that's a little bit more about me. Here's an example of how our evening went:

setting the scene...we were on a blue space which is in the "Creative Cat" category, meaning that one of us would have to do something creative (be it draw with our eyes closed, mold something out of this purple clay stuff, etc...)

Model: Pick one player to mold the thing listed on the card out of clay. I'll read the hint and then pass the card to the choosen player and then start the timer. The hint is ANIMAL.

(Computer Guy was the "Choosen One" so-to-speak, so he was the one molding, I was the one guessing)

Computer Guy: (reading the card) uhhhh....... (begining to roll the clay into a ball)

Self: Hedgehog! Wombat! Cat! Dog! MOUSE FROG GUINEA PIG!!!

Computer Guy: (looking at me like I'm crazy) (he has not started molding yet)

Self: What!?! Octopus! Rat! Horse! Donkey! Manatea!

Computer Guy: (still has not started molding)

Everyone is now just looking at me like I'm crazy

Computer Guy finally rolls the big hunk into a large ball and tears off a little piece and makes a really small ball and sticks it on the big ball...

Self: TURTLE!!!!

End Scene

Oh yeah, and I got it RIGHT!

What's that? You want to hear another example? Like one that caused Suds to say "You guys have been together too long"? Well alright then!

the category is now umm...something like "Star Performer" or something along those lines, where you or your partner who has to act out something like charades or try and talk like the character with no gestures or hum/whistle a song (and no...I couldn't think of the damn Lone Ranger Theme....still!!!)

Computer Guy is acting. I am guessing.

Model: (reading the card) Pick one player to talk like the person listed on the card....yadda yadda yadda....

Self: (staring at Computer Guy like he's about to tell me the meaning of life)

Computer Guy: Oh crap, I don't know how to talk like him! Uhhh....okay.... (in his normal voice) Heeeeere's Johnny!


Computer Guy: Yes!!!

You guys have been together way too long.

End Scene

So....between that and Model trying to act like Batman and also trying to act out "Rodeo" I've never laughed so hard in my life! I think I burned off all the calories I ate at dinner. (and I ate a LOT). I thought I had laughed as hard as possible without physically injuring my innards.....until.....I came home and read what Miss Doxie wrote HERE.

I think I have pulled my spleen or all my ribs have just turned to rubble. I'm downstairs at 1:45 am. I can't stop reading her blog. I'm addicted. As I'm reading this one entry in particular I start laughing....and I'm trying not to wake up Computer Guy...who is sleeping....so I'm like laugh/wheezing....and it's so funny....and there are tears rolling down my face....and I can't stop...and I think I've injured myself.

So 30 minutes later, I've calmed down enough to go to bed. But I can't turn my brain off. So, I'm lying there, staring at the clock and at 2:17, I remember another moment from our evening of Cranium. Suds was acting out the charades thing and Model was guessing and the clue was Berlin Wall. She got "Germany" and "Hitler" and then Suds tried out act out "wall" and he kept drawing a box in the air which totally confused Model. So she stares at him for a second while he keeps doing his "wall" thing and suddenly she screams out "Wal-Mart!!!", which totally made me lose it and I couldn't stop laughing again. So I'm trying to go to sleep, and Computer Guy is already asleep, and I'm trying not to wake him up, but I'm seriously unable to stop laughing. But I'm trying not to make any noise, which is totally makeing it worse. So I'm just doing that "silent laughing" thing and the bed is shaking because I'm laughing so hard.

So it was about 4-something before I got to sleep.

My abs hurt.

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