Monday, August 14, 2006

If I were a drawer pull...where would I be....

Not in the table in the living room.....

Not in the drawer by the door.....

Not in the table in the den......

Not in the drawer that I left it!!! my infinite wisdom decided that I was going to strip, sand, sand, sand some more, restain, varnish, varnish, and varnish again an old desk that my parents gave Computer Guy and me. When I had this bright idea, I had just finished doing the above to CG's old "bachelor" coffee table that had, among other things, cigarette burns and water marks all over. When I was done with that, he said that I had done an excellent job, and this was coming from a guy who nit-picks at every-little-thing! I even over heard him talking to a few other people at what a good job I did and that he never thought that table could look that good again. head was swelling to unnatural proportions. order to do everything I planned on doing to the desk, I had to take it apart. It has this whole "thing" on the back of it for storing papers/envelopes/pens/whatever that has no less than 12 pieces to it. Did I mention this is an old desk? I'm pretty sure to give it that "new again" look the previous owners just slapped more polyeurathane on it. So, I get everything apart, pull the "pins" out of all the pieces, and take the metal draw pulls off of the two drawers. I put all the hardware (drawer pulls, screws, nuts, etc...) into the smaller of the 2 drawers for safe keeping.

Oh....did I mention that I started this project about two years ago?


Well....I did....

What's that saying? "Don't do today what can be put off 'til tomorrow?" Yeah....I think that's it....

I think I've taken that on as my personal montra.

As of last weekend, I've finished sanding....who woulda thought a seventeen-piece desk would take more work that then ol' slab-a-wood coffee table? Apparently not me.

So....this week, I've finished sanding, re-stained, and I'm on my umpteenth coat of polyeurathane (I have no idea how to spell that). Most of the pieces have to be done on both sides, so I'm having to do one side of those and wait the 2 hours so I can turn them over and do the other side....which is just dragging things on....

NOW....Where Is The Drawer Hardware?

I have no idea.

It's three in the morning and I'm never going to be able to get to sleep because I'm just going to lay there, staring up at the ceiling with one thought running through my head.


I want to scream.

But it's 3AM.

Hubby would not be pleased.

Why can't I find the stuff?

I'm the Queen of "Finding Stuff Land"! Ask my mom! She'll tell ya'! In fact, just today, while on the phone, she said, "You don't know how many times I've thought I wish you were'd find whatever I'm looking for in 2 seconds!" And it's the truth! When something is lost, people come to me!

I also happen to be the queen of hiding stuff. This situation does not call upon those skills though.

OMG....I think I just remembered where I put the stuff!!!

*going to check*


I could not be quiet if someone payed me a million dollars.

It's a good thing I wasn't one to try and sneak out of the house a lot.

Four different hiding places searched, One dog woken up and then placated with a homemade dog treat (we'll get into that later), Two squeakey doors opened and closed, and nothing found.

*insert explative here*

I guess there's always tomorrow.....oh already IS tomorrow....

aaaa....who needs to open drawers anyways!

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