Saturday, August 12, 2006

What's up with that?

Every night, while I'm trying unsuccessfully to go to sleep, I come up with interesting, funny blog posts. I don't mean to do this, my brain does it without my conscent. As Ellen Degenerous would put it, it's my inner child playing with me. Apparently, I should let her out to play more often during the day, and maybe she'd let me sleep at night!

So I think up all these (in my opinion) hilarious blog entries, and when I actually sit down to write one, I can't remember any of them! UGH!

Needless to say, I'm still having a horrible time sleeping. It's rare that I can get to sleep before 3. We have the loudest fish tank filter ever. It's all the way downstairs on the far left side of the house, but when I'm trying to get to sleep, it's all I can hear. It sounds like there is someone downstairs walking around. I have to tell people that stay over with us about it, for fear they'll wake up in the middle of the night and hear ".....clunk.....clunk.....clunk...." and freak out! We had 4 fish (3 Tiger Barbs and 1 sucker fish named Humphrey) and they all survived about 5 years and a move in a cooler when we moved, but then a few months ago, 2 of the Tiger Barbs died within a week or so of each other. But that last one's holding on. Now, don't get me wrong, I don't want Squish to die (yes, I named him Squish....get it? Squish The Fish? Har Har Har!), but I'm soooo ready for that damn filter to go away! Of course, when we do get rid of the filter, the silence is probably going to be even worse! If I wake up and don't hear the filter I'll think "Oh my God...the fish are going to die!" and only after I've totally freaked myself out, I'll realize that "Oh....nevermind...." and then another sleepless night will ensue.

I'm also having a terrible time with uploading pictures. I think Blogger and Flickr both have it in for me. terribly cute pictures of Mr. Kitty* for y'all!!!

So I'll just try here to try and see the adorable "awwwww" inspiring picture!

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