Friday, August 4, 2006

I Smell Feet

no sleep for me last night. I really thought about getting up and posting here, but then I thought "why? no one else that reads this blog is awake right now"

And so it went....until about 5am.

That's right....I said 5am....

I even composed a post in my head. But I still didn't want to get up and ruin any chance I had left at a little sleep.

Good move Me. Oh yeah....that was just brilliant.

So I've been yawning all day so far, and will probably keep on yawning until I can actually get some sleep. I hate yawning all day. It makes my eyes water a LOT. And then get all stingy. So then I look like I've been crying and people keep asking me "What's wrong?". and then I have to say "nothing, I just keep yawning?" and then there are a number of places the conversation can go from there, but this post is boring enough, so I'll stop there.

Sorry for the unusual amount of typos I'm sure are there.

I smell feet.

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