Thursday, April 12, 2007

One Question And One Comment About the Duke Thing and Then I'll Shut Up...

First, the question. As soon as the "accuser" yelled that she was raped by three white Duke students, their names, pictures, life histories, etc were splashed all over television, newspapers, radio, blah blah blah. What happened to "innocent until proven guilty"? Out the window? Now that it's come to light that yes, acctually, they're innocent "Oops, we're sorry" and all that, what happens to the girl who put them through hell for over a year? No one even knows her name! The pictures they put on the news of her in court have her face blurred out. I think we should get a little glimpse into her life for awhile. Let her see what she put three innocent people through. I guess my question would be "Where the hell does she get off?" She's done actual rape victims a real disservice. I'm a bit too lazy to look up the actual stats at the moment, but a huge percentage of rapes go unreported every year because the victims are afraid of not being believed. There should be consiquences for the "accusor's" actions. If they're thinking of bringing Nifong up on charges, then I think she should face them too.

Hmm....I think I'm ranting. Anyway. You get my point. I'm all "eye for an eye" on this one.

Now...the comment. I knew they were innocent. I could feel it in my bones. I was right! Suckahs!

And also? People in NC? Try to get on the national news for something good next time. I'm tired of seeing my beloved state on the world news for all the wrong reasons. Let people know how great it is here! :)

P.S. Don Imus? Who the hell? I gotta say, I had never heard of him until his unfortunate comment. And Don? The Marlboro Man called...he wants his outfit back. Ass.


Anonymous said...

I hope they charge that woman with something. Or those guys decide to sue her and make her life a living hell for awhile.

I also heard she was pregnant.

And Don Imus? I never heard of him either. I keep thinking that him and Donald Trump probably need to find a better wig maker.

barnmouse said...

LMAO!!! They need to find a better wig maker! That's hysterical!!! And yet, TRUE! Which probably makes it even funnier.

Arlene said...

I don't think there is such a thing as innocent as proven guilty anymore, and if you think about, we used to hang people all the time without a proper trial, and before that we were drowning women we thought were witches! I think they just had us believing some crap for a while.
I feel bad for those guys though, because in the back of people's minds, they'll probably still wonder every time they see them!

Anonymous said...

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