Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Is It Wrong If......

...I wouldn't mind if my late mother in law's husband of 2 years just kind of....disappeared?

...I want him to try to take everything (like he's doing) and we totally screw him and he ends up with nothing?

...I want to hurt that sneaky, coniving, bastard little creep?!

Seriously. I do. I want to hurt him. Badly.

I had a dream about him (when he left my MiL the second of the 2 times he left her!) where I saw him in Petsmart and I ended up beating him silly with a dog bowl. I loved that dream. I miss that dream. I think maybe I'll try and have it again tonight. How do you make yourself have a specific dream?

Rat's sister (trying to think up a name for her on here) just called tonight and said that the SOB is trying to claim that since he was going to leave everything to my MiL that she was going to do the same, so he should get everything. OH MY GOD PEOPLE!!! They were married for TWO FREAKIN' YEARS!!! During which time he left her TWICE!!! Then had a stroke!!! They thought he wasn't going to make it, so my MiL drove to the hospital at midnight to sign over power of attorney to his ex wife and daughter! Then, he miraculously makes it (yay) and is all "the near death experience changed me" blah blah blah....and she takes him back.


Then, when she's about to move to another state where her daughter lives and start a new job (which the new jerk husband doesn't want to do) and she says "fine, you don't have to go anywhere. I'm movin' and I'm sellin' my house." she suddenly dies at 62. The first day of her retirement.

This just all doesn't add up to me.

Now he's claiming that she was going to leave everything to him so he should get everything anyway. Even though she has three children. He's saying that they should get nothing of their mother's to remember her by. He won't even let them have old family pictures. He got an injunction barring all 3 children from THEIR MOTHER'S HOUSE claiming that they were taking things out (which they weren't).

He's a jackass! A SON OF A BITCH!

I swear!!!! GRRRR!!!!! I just want to slap the shit out of him!

Okay, I'm going to go try and have a *good* dream.


**ya know? maybe I should just find a way to lock him up with my dog for a minute of two. now that would be some good tv!


Arlene said...

He sounds like such a complete waste of space!! I hope he gets everything that he has coming to him, and that doesn't mean her stuff!

barnmouse said...

I'd say "waste of space" would be a most accurate description!

Anonymous said...

Jackass. Hopefully the stress of all this will make him kick off soon too.

Anonymous said...

And I can sympathize. Boyfriend's got the same mess going on in his family but it's a little more complex with multiple wills and promises made blah blah blah.

barnmouse said...

shell - oh yes, please! Let's try to stress him out more! LOL And my MiL had NO will. None at all. Which is a HUGE part of the problem with the jerk claiming that since he was going to leave everything to her that she was "going to" leave everything to him. But didn't. Also, we just found out that they were very much on the outs. She didn't even want him to come to her retirement party! Ugh.