Monday, April 2, 2007


Okay. So far, not really impressed with MySpace, but really...did I think I was going to be? I guess I just don't get it. What does it do? What's it for? Other than to promote the new Transformers movie, which I hear enough about at home because Rat is a huge dork. Hee.

I get that it can be used as a dating service of sorts (not that I'd ever date anyone that found me on freakin' MySpace, but hey, that's just me).

And you can like, leave messages for people? Am I correct about that?

Please, someone! Help! What's the point of MySpace?! I'm starting to get why people call it "WhySpace"...cause just really...whyyyyyy???


Enough of that.

I feel like I've been kind of a sucky bloggy person as of late, skipping my Things on the Road Thursdays, and I can't remember the last time I did SPF, not to mention the sporatic posting.

*whispers* my cat is staring at me....for like 5 minutes*/whispers*

So. My point? Umm...Oh yeah! I'll try to do better! :) Like now! See? Doing better! Writing stuff.

I totally dropped a carton of eggs not 20 feet out of the grocery store today. Yeah, that was fun. Surprisingly, only 4 of them were broken though. Oh damn! I was going to make a cake for Rat! I completely forgot until now! Stupid brain. Always on break. I made a doggy cake today (apple cinnamon just in case you were wondering, and don't kid yourself, you totally were) and when Rat got home he looked at it and you could see his brain working things out. First it was "Yay! A cake! And it's just for me!". Then it was "Wait, what are those things in it?". Then "Oh, they're apples." And finally "Dammit, this is for the dog, isn't it?".

I'm looking for a name for that one now too. So...still looking for a name for this cake (and remember, winner gets doggy treats!!!) and now looking for a name for this one too. Didn't take a picture of it though. But again, apple and cinnamon. And it's made in a "bundt" pan (is that right?....I think it's right) so it's round with a hole in the middle and then cut into wedges. Same as the other one.

In other news....This is back.

Yeah. I know.

At least, I thought I knew. Until I got to play my new Spyro. Now...I am in love.

Yes. Yes, you are right. Rat IS the luckiest man alive! How sweet of you to notice.

And now, in closing, just because I love y'all, here is a picture of the shirt I wore today.

And let me go ahead and tell all you postal workers, cashiers, waiters and waitresses, stock boys, and nosey old ladies out there that no, I do not in fact, eat glue. If I did, do you really think I would wear a shirt saying so? NO! No I would not.

Also, do you have any idea how many pictures I had to take to get one that focused on the shirt and not my boobs?

If y'all are lucky, I post one of the shirt I'm thinking of wearing tomorrow. I get a little nervous about wearing that one in public, lest I offend someone. hee.

And Johnboy, y'all have a nice day.


Arlene said...

Hmmm, what is Myspace for...I started my account because my best friend at the time started it for me and put a lot of silly stuff on it, therefore making me use it and fix the silly stuff. For a while I loved it, as I didn't have this blog, and it was how I stayed in touch with everyone. But I was getting tired of it, and a lot of random people kept contacting me, which John and I both hated, so I stopped using it, then I started this blog, which I MUCH prefer!
Did you see my post where I broke 2 eggs on my kitchen floor? I really hate broken eggs!

susan said...

I think the time for Myspace has come and gone. It's too mainstream and attracts too many weirdos now.

LOL too funny about baking for the dog and not Rat!

barnmouse said...

The problem is, a lot of my friends have choosen to open a myspace account (whyspace...hee) instead of starting a blog, so it's the best way to keep up with them, and you can only access all the features if you're a member :(

arlene - I HATE! broken eggs! HATE! Yuck! I think it's all the 'snot' stuff inside. Blech!

susan - it happens more than you'd think ;) hee hee

mama2dibs said...

MySpace is for people like me that live 500 miles from all of the people that she grew up with. Although...I use my blog more than I use myspace. And for that matter, nobody really talks to me on what is the point?

Beth said...

Re: myspace - I started one about a year and a half ago to keep up with my sisters, one of whom was living in Alaska at the time. Then old high school and college friends started coming out of the woodwork, and I was hooked. Then I kind of turned into a stalker (long story), and I hated myself for it, so I got off. Now I'm back on, but as a business, not an individual. And I know how hard it is to take a picture of a shirt without focusing on your rack. I can't do it, in fact. If you look at my myspace page, you'll understand.

Re: chocolate doggie cake - carobbean cruise.

Re: apple doggie cake - Rover's Red Delicious.

Malnurtured Snay said...

You should be careful about eating glue, it might suck your stomach down or something, and I understand it poops out white and disgusting.

The benefit of having a Myspace page is all the long lost friends who find you through it.