Thursday, February 1, 2007

While I'm Procrastinating...

While waiting for Rat last week, I noticed this sign:

How much more do you think it would have cost to put the word "or" between "Bicycles" and "Skateboards" instead of the "-"??? This bugs me for some probably insane reason. And if they were really that concerned about saving the space, they could have shortened bicycles to "bikes". And while we're at it, they could have completely left off the words "on sidewalk" because duh I think we get it.

I just noticed how completely chapped my lips are. How come the more you lick them the more chapped they feel? I've been trying to keep chapstick or lip gloss on all the time, but sometimes I forget. I've tried countless brands and have yet to find one that really really works well. Actually, I have, but I lost it and now I can't remember what it is. Bah. The last one I tried was Blistex Spa Effects. And it was.....meh. It doesn't really stay on long. It smells nice though. Just not very impressive. I would probably recommend some plain ol' Chapstick instead. This will be the next one I try. I'm hoping it will stay on longer. Even with my diet mountain dew addiction.

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