Thursday, February 8, 2007

Things on the Road Thursday

Well...who'd a thought we'd get this far? Welcome to week 4 of Things on the Road Thursday!

This week, for your enjoyment and possibly wonderment, I present to you:

A barrel.


It's a pretty crushed up barrel too. It's also been there since about May/June of last year. Just kind of sitting there. Like it's waiting for it's buddies to show up. Or maybe it's injured and waiting for help.

I know, I know. I'm crazy. I feel bad for the poor little smushed up barrel. Reminds me of that commercial where some amorous people knock over the cutest little cow creamer and it smashes on the floor. Then some German guy comes out and says "Aww. You feel bad for ze little cow? Zat iz because you are crazy." The first time Rat and I saw that he looked at me and said "That's YOU!"

So there's our short little TRT for this week. Hope you enjoyed it! Don't be a stranger, now, ya' hear? ;)

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