Thursday, February 22, 2007

Things on the Road Thursday (a little late, but hey, at least it's still Thursday)

Welcome back Things on the Road Thursday! There was really nothing of interest that I found on the road last week, so I decided to skip it. This week, however, I found tons of stuff. So let's jump right in, shall we?'s not really clear from the picture, but these are a pair of pants. On the road. Huh? Pants. On the road. In the middle of a very busy intersection, actually. I really have no other words for this, just a lot of giggles.

I saw this outside of a fast food restaurant while waiting for Rat to get the fries and come on dammit! The funniest thing to me about this (no, it's not the "dork factor") is that someone thought "Hey, I'd better tie this up! Someone may steal it!" Yeah, I just have this vision of some thug-type guy trying to steal this bike (these bikes???) and jumping on the front part and pedaling off as fast as he can, while the little back one fishtailing like crazy behind him. This makes me laugh hysterically. Which I like. So I thought I'd pass it along to you, so hopefully you'll get to laugh hysterically too.

I saw this on the way to the post office and I just couldn't believe it. I don't even know what they sell, or deliver, or whatever. But "BIMBO"????? OMG!!! Who would name their company that? What's their tag line? "We'll only get it there 2 days late, unless we run out of gas or something."???

So there you have it. This weeks Things on the Road Thursday cracked me up. I hope it made you laugh too.


Arlene said...

Those bimbo snacks are really yummy! They're Mexican. Good stuuf!!

Your pictures cracked me up! And, um, is there some pantless person running around??

Hyman said...


Thanks for the kind words for my daddy!!

Have a great weekend!

barnmouse said...

arlene - Seriously?! They're real? I really thought the name on the truck was a joke! :P

Beth said...

BIMBO is like the Latin American subsidiary of Sara Lee. And Arlene's right. They are really yummy. The "Pinguinos" are my favorites. I actually have a BIMBO keychain, and my roommate and I have matching bimbo piggy banks...except they're the bimbo bear and not pigs.