Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Just a Quickie

I'm getting ready to go on my walk/jog/pant pant pant/wheeze and remembered that I took these yesterday.

These are the "Dogzilla" sized Fancy Schmancy bones.

And these are the "regular" sized Fancy Schmancies. I did the carob different on the different sizes, but the "drizzle" can be done on the "Dogzilla" ones and vice versa.

Shadow says "Tastey!"

Enjoy! :)

Hopefully I won't fall down dead on my walk! hee

**Updated to add tomorrow is definitely a t-shirt day!!! OMG It's HOT!!!


susan said...

Your canine cookies look so yummy...much better than my people cookies!

barnmouse said...

Awww....thank you! I'm sure your cookies are delicious! Doesn't matter what they look like! LOL

Arlene said...

They look yummy :-)
It was warm here for a few days, but now it's going-to-rain-humid :-(

barnmouse said...

arlene - yeah! What is up with this crazy weather?! Just a few days ago it was "don't dare leave the house without a coat" cold and today it was "I can't believe I wore a long sleeve shirt to walk it, I'm going to die" hot! Tomorrow is going to be even hotter but then Friday it goes back to the 50's. What the hell?

Hyman said...

Damn those look good! Maybe I was a puppy in my former life. LOL