Friday, February 16, 2007

SPF - Freeeeeee!

This week for Stuff Portrait Friday, Kristine's assignment is "Free".

This is my saddle. There was never a time when I felt so free as when I was on a horse. I rode from the time I was 6 until I was 19. I miss it terribly. There's nothing like tearin' across the field at a flat out run. Nothing. No sports car or motorcycle can compare. The sound of thundering hooves. The wind stinging your face. And then you're almost airborn.

Gah! Too serious! Must make jokes! Jokes, dammit! Uhh...

A mother was reading a book about animals to her 3-year-old

Mother: "What does the cow say?"

Child: "Mooo!"

Mother: "Great! What does the cat say?"

Child: "Meow."

Mother: "Oh, you're so smart! What does the frog say?"

And the wide-eyed 3-year-old looked up at her mother and
replied, "Bud."

So, did you play???


Christie said...

nice :)

Happy spf

Steven Novak said...

When things get serious, crack a joke...

My entire blog is based on that very idea. :)


Jenni said...

I remember the freedom of riding a horse too. I miss it!

Great SPF! I also like the joke. :)

I played!

OddMix said...

Nice SPF! And I hear you about riding.

Tomorrow I am going to buy back my horse. I was leasing Cyclone from a friend who had to sell and I couldn't afford to buy him at the time. Now he is up for sale again and I got him. I am so happy!

I played, too!

Jenie said...

Love it. :)

And very funny joke! lol

Happy SPF! I played too.

Arlene said...

I assume this is a sad story, but I'm going to ask anyway. Why don't you ride anymore? I love riding, and I don't get to do it often enough :-(

barnmouse said...

oddmix- Oh, I'm so jealous!!! I'd give anything to have one of my horses back!!! Good for you!

arlene- yeah, it's pretty sad. When I was 15, I got thrown onto a pretty huge jump at a show and landed on the jump on my lower back. Somehow I managed to flip over and twist so I was facing the opposite way of which I had been (facing my horse). I was a dumbass and jumped right back on because that's what we're taught to do, right? Then, during my hunter circle at the end, my stirup leather broke (just to add insult to injury). The next class after that was a flat class, so I thought I'd be good, but once they asked up to pick up our gate the pain in my back was unbearable and I had to get someone to let me out of the ring. Long story just a little bit shorter, I developed some kind of back thing where the vertabrae actually crack and can break away from the center part of the spine. Sorry, I can't pronouce it, much less spell it! So anyway, I rode for several years after that, but it just got too painful to be able to work my horse the way that he needed and it just wasn't fair to him. He's an awesome horse! So I had to sell him. The lady who bought him told me that she did trail rides and some English, and that she used to ride but hadn't for awhile, so I thought it was great. They could learn together. Now I find out that she AND her trainer have been showing him dressage. Big ol' slap in the face. If I had known I never would have sold him to her. Ugh. Sorry so long!! Anyway, that's the reason.

Lisa said...

There's nothing like the breeze blowing through your hair while your on horseback. Beautiful saddle!

susan said...

Sorry to hear about your back. That has to be hard letting go of that part of your life.

Janet said...

ahhhh the freedom of being on a horse!

Connie said...

I used to have 2 horses. I used to ride all the time but I don't anymore. It got too expensive having horses. Nice picture for your SPF. Thanks for stopping by and seeing mine.

Teena said...

I've never been on a horse before. Giddyap!!

Thanks for stopping by mine :)

marianne said...

oh, I read your story - I'm sorry you can't ride anymore and your horse's life isn't as you thought it would be. Very touching SPF.

Thanks for stopping by mine.

Uzz said...

You know...I love riding as well! I have not done it since 8th grade, but I remember it being such a wonderful connection to the world around me! I need to find a way to get back on a horse! Thanks for stopping by!