Friday, February 16, 2007

It is Official. I Do Not Have Super Powers.

Alternate Title - Has the Whole World Gone Retarded?

In the past 30 minutes, I have waited for the slowest person in the world to check out about a frillion groceries in the only operable self check out line in the grocery store, and then waited for her to bag ALL of her groceries in seperate bags (I now know the reason the rainforest is being depleted. It's for her bags!). I have also been nearly backed into by an old lady in a giant Caddy, almost been run over by a minivan, and nearly crushed between my Jeep and a Mercedes Benz that is not going to look very nice as long as the Beeyatch in it keeps driving like that! I mean this lady just HAD to park in THAT space (the whole lane was almost entirely deserted with many spots closer to the store) and could not wait FIVE seconds for me to get in my car and shut the door. She was about two inches away from hitting my door (and getting a dent in her face the shape of my foot). Not to mention she pulled into the spot at about 15 miles an hour! It really felt like she was gunning for me.

Also, I was nearly backed into by some kind of foreign guy (no idea where from, just not here, not that it matters) in a Honda Accord that APPARENTLY could not go more than 5 miles an hour. Even on the road. Asshat made me sit through an entire green light just to find a spot big enough to turn at half a mile an hour. Dork!

Then, to crown it all off, when I pulled onto the street before my street (following me so far?) I got behind some guy with South Carolina plates that, I'm guessing, had no idea where he was going. I hate that. Look. If you don't know where you're going, don't go 20 below the speed limit (when it's only 35 to begin with) looking at every street sign, going slow enough to turn when you see it, when there's a line of people behind you. Go the speed limit. If you miss your turn, there are Puh-Lenty of places to turn around. GET OUT OF MY WAY!

*eye twitch*

At least I have this to come home to:

*That treat you see at the top is a "Pawmesan Wiggle". Hee hee!


Jana said...

I've had eye-twitching days like that, too. What IS it with people?

Arlene said...

Oh my god people are stupid!! I'm sorry sweets :-( I know the feeling of wanting to kill asshats, which is officially my new favorite word!!!!

barnmouse said...

jana - I don't know! LOL When I was little I always imagined that my talent for "eye vibrating" would one day become my talent for blowing things up with my mind. Sometimes I still try. hee!

arlene - LOL...I like "butt puppets" too. rotfl!

Hyman said...

Sometimes people just plain suck!!! I think it was national idiot driver weekend or something.