Monday, February 12, 2007

Little, Kind of Not Really Related Update

Well, y'all have gone and done it. I've gotten the dog treat making bug again. He's a pesky little fella that won't leave ya' alone once you've caught him.

So anyway, I decided to try a new kind of treat. It kind of makes me think of a breakfast bar (like one of the Quaker ones they've got now. Fancy people.) so I decided to cut them into bars. Now I didn't want to name them anything "breakfasty", since dogs don't really have a "breakfast" per-se, they just have a "FOOD! FOOD! GIVE ME FOOD! YUM! FOOD! YUMMYYUMMYYUMMY FOOD! HEY, WHERE'D THE FOOD GO? GIVE ME MORE FOOD!" time. Wait. What? Just my dog? Oh, okay. So I decided to go with "Bow Wow Bars". Of course, always open to suggestions, especially better ones. Hee!

I took some pictures (mainly just to entertain myself, and because people like pictures, right? Right?) so I thought I'd share them with y'all here.

still in the pan after cooling

close up

Shadow sized treat! Hee!

Aside from the crumbs (which I just noticed now) this is the more presentable of all the pictures. The treats are about 3" x 3" and Shadow absolutely adooooores them! Normally when I make a new treat, the first time he tries it, he'll ut it on the ground and sniff it for a minute and then lick it, and then finally eat it, but he just gobbled these up. I love it when he does that. He's very good at his job (that being "Official Canine Confections Taste Tester".


Arlene said...

You are so talented! Where do you get these ideas?? Do you sell them? How do I buy some?

barnmouse said...

Aww! Thank you! I started out just making one kind of treats for my dog since normal treats are made with all types of preservatives and things that aren't good for dogs. He liked them so much that I started experimenting with different ingredients and it kinda grew from there. I should be working on a catalog or something for them so people would know what kinds I make. At this point, I only have an email address: I do have pictures of all of them, so I could email them to you if you'd like.

Thanks again! :)