Wednesday, January 24, 2007

The Peanut Gallery

I thought since I've had this here blaaawg for 6 months now, that I would introduce you to my sounding board.

Hi, I'm Winston. I love this picture of me because it makes me look ferocious. In reality, I'm actually just yawning. I do that a lot.

Age: 5 (on January 27th)
Weight: a tad too much, but Mommy is making me eat lite food now. Yuck! I'm still eating it though.
Nicknames: Chubby, Chunkers, Winny Poo, Booger, Poo, Tubby, Porkchop, Wooggie, and Bear
Turn On's include: food, cat nip, cardboard boxes, butter, new furniture, dog food, Mommy's new flipflops, and mail.
Turn Off's inclue: lite food, cute cat toys, being woken up, stairs, closed doors, and LITE food!
Personal Quote: "Seriously, no more lite food, okay?"

Name: Ebenezer (yes, I am a girl. I'm am Crazy, therefore, I needed a Crazy name.)
Age: 8, but I do NOT look it. Look at that face. Not a wrinkle in sight!
Weight: a lady never tells
Nicknames: Neezer, Neezie, Sneezie, Noodle, Sugar Pie, Boogs, and Little Girl
Turn On's include: meat, raw meat, cooked meat, Winston locked in a closet, fun stringy toys, trying to run outside, and meat
Turn Off's include: Winston, strangers, the stoopid dog, not getting meat, regular cat food, and expensive cat toys.
Personal Quote: "I am a pretty, pretty princess. You give me meat NOW!!!"

Name: Shadow, what else needs to be said after this picture?
Age: 6 (March 21st)
Weight: 110-120, depending on what I eat in the yard on any given day
Nicknames: Nut, Doofus, Puppy, Mr. Puppy, Sugarplum (but only when I'm good, so almost never), and Bud
Turn On's include: eating dead things, the treats Mommy makes me, Jumbones ("because a big dog doesn't wanna chew a small bone, anymore than he wants to use a telephone..."), eating more dead things, grabbing the brush while Mommy is brushing me and running around the yard with it, and dead things.
Turn Off's include: people, dogs, cats, birds, meter readers, anything else that moves, obedience instructers, and Milkbone treats. Yick.
Personal Quote: "Play! Play, play, play, play, plaaaay! Playplayplayplayplayplayplay!!!"

Well there you have it y'all. My peanut gallery.

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Stephenie said...

Good words.