Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Enough Already....Where are my Brains?!

"Seriously. Tomorrow. Clean Bathroom!"

This is what I've been reduced to. Having to leave myself Post-It's on my bathroom mirror at 2 am. Who would have thought a 25 year old would be so scatterbrained? To make matters worse, I had written another Post-It note the day before to clean the bathroom and still forgot!

Damn. I need help.

But at least I have a clean bathroom now. For five minutes. Because I live with a man. And instead of spitting in the sink, apparently they think it's perfectly fine to just go "phhhhhhlllllllbbbbbttttttt" all over the damn place.

Next time I'm leaving the note above his sink.

We'll never have to buy wallpaper or new paint again. We can just line the walls with all the post-its I have to use to remind myself to do things. Like breathe.


Shell said...

Then come clean mine, okay?

barnmouse said...

hehe...took me literally months to clean my own! You might have to wait's 2010 sound?