Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Oh Holy Crap...

Just to show y'all that I'm serious about posting more than twice a month....ha ha....here's a little Christmas ditty I wrote about the kitties....

Un-Holy Night
(to the tune of "O Holy Night")

Unholy night
The cats are barfin' up stuff
That isn't food
Or even recognizable

All on the floor
Are little paw prints of dirt
Wait, that's not dirt
Oh gross, now someone's getting hurt

Now late at night
Winston finds a piece of plastic
Still not full,
He eats four of my elastics

Now, in the dark
At two AM
I step on something

Oh my, it's wet
And soaking through my sock
Please someone kill me

Oh kitties, of mine
Oh night
Unholy night.


I also wrote one about the dog, am working on one about the hubby, and also wrote one about me after I dyed my hair and it came out red. Yeah, that was nice.


Kristen said...

LOL I was laughing the whole time. Sorry...laughing WITH you not AT you! hehe

So when you going to NB for Xmas? I'm seeking a ride there and/or back! Let me know ;). I'll chip in for gas...*bats eyelashes*

barnmouse said...

hehe, thanks man. And no, you still can't have my Bud Light ;)