Sunday, November 5, 2006

blah dee blah blah blah

Ever have one of those weekends that you're really looking forward to, but then Sunday night comes and you realize that you've done pretty much nothing?

We've watched two movies, been to 3 Auto Zones and an Advance Auto Parts, not changed the oil on 2 cars since they didn't have the right oil filter for one (which I've got to go pick up tomorrow from the dealership because our auto parts stores have conspired against me and decided not to carry oil filters for my diesel Jeep. Argh.), baked one sour cream coffee cake (recipe courtesy of Granny), rotated the tires on Chuck (the truck), cleaned approximately 100,000 dishes (guess who did that?), read one Kraft Food something-or-other magazine received about 3 months ago, listened to hubby talk on the phone to his brother and his friend Tater, drove to Honey Baked Ham to order a ham for Thanksgiving just to find out that they're CLOSED ON SUNDAY WHY DID I NOT KNOW THAT?!, bought a paper (for the coupons...what? did you think I actually read the paper? bwa ha ha ha!), drooled through the window of DSW only to be pulled away by hubby kicking and screaming "But! But! I need new shoes!!", and that's pretty much it. look at it, we did a LOT! I thought we just sat around doing nothing. Oh wait....that's what we're doing now.

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