Wednesday, October 25, 2006

what to do...what to do...

So what do I do when I have nothing to write about.....that's right! I write something!

I'm learning French. It's these French lessons on tape...well, CD's actually. Does anyone actually have a tape player anymore? My hubby and I took piano lessons from the same person, just several years apart....oh yeah, I meant to say "on a totally unrelated note, but not really, it will just appear to be totally unrelated for the first sentence or so"....and she made all her students bring in a tape each week to record the lesson and then we were supposed to take the tapes home and listen to them while sitting at the piano and play along, blah blah blah.

Confession: I used the same tape for 3 years. tee hee

When I had to pull everything out of my office closet when we were putting down the new floor, I found HIS tapes! All of them. LOL He saved them. How cute is that?! Anyway...when I'm getting at is, if I ever do happen to come upon a tape player, I'm gonna listen to them. *evil laugh* muah ha ha!

I think I recorded over my tape (singular) with songs off the radio an hour after I quit taking lessons. The teacher was actually my second piano teacher. The first one I took from for about 4 years, I think....possibly a little longer. She had these huge thick glasses that made her eyes look GIGANTIC! She took them off one day and she had these beady little eyes. Freaked me out. Of course, I think I was 8 at the time. I freaked out easily.

Where was I going with this?

Oh yeah.

French CDs. I've listened to the first one and I decided to listen to it again just to make sure I had a grasp on it before I started the second one. It's just real basic stuff, but it's being taught a different way. boring. Sorry.

I'm so glad it's Fall....and that it finally feels like Fall. Well, most of me, at least. I got this "crush injury" (fancy doctor term) to my right hand to my second and third knuckles in March of this year. In the shape of a large dog's mouth. A large gray dog. A very large, gray dog with blue eyes and a big fuzzy tail. Yes. My dog. MY dog. MY DOG! Yes, he's still alive. It wasn't really his fault. I'm not absolving him completely, but I was trying to get a nasty dead, slimy, gross, several-days-dead, squirrel out of his mouth without touching it, at the time. On the plus side, I did keep him from eating it. On side...I have his dental impressions on my hand.

To his credit, he looked absolutely shocked and horrified when he realized that what he had in his mouth was actually NOT a dead, nasty, slimey squirrel. He's normally bouncy and hyper and full of energy, but he walked the whole mile back home right next to my leg with his tail between his legs with an "oh shit" look on his face.


Now my hand hurts when it's cold. It was all nasty and swollen and purple and gross for about a month after, and then it started to turn slightly less purple and slightly more green, and then finally went back to it's normal color in about June. I'll post the pics if I can find them. I had to take them with my cell phone camera since I didn't have the digital yet and my was too heavy to use with my other hand.

So....any suggestions on what to do with my crampy hand? Is there anything out there on the market like the cold stuff that's hot that will keep my hand warm? Please don't say a glove. har har. My hand doesn't really hurt when it's warm, so I figure if I can just keep it warm when it's cold outside, then I'll be good to go.

Wow....for not having much to write about, this ended up being pretty long.

Now I have to go kill my cats....or at least cover them in velcro and stick them to the celing.

On another completely unrelated is SO way past time for ER to stop making new shows. Actually, I think that time came 2 years ago.


Lazy Lightning said...

My car has a tape player. (So what if my car is 15 years old?!)

That said, I have often toyed with the idea of tying my cats' back legs together. That'd show em.

kerrianne said...

I miss knowing how to speak French. Good for you with the tapes!

barnmouse said...

LL-I looked all over my house when I found those tapes thinking "I MUST have a tape player somewhere!" I remember when I was glued to my old one recording songs off the radio. I thought that was the best!

The other night, I was wondering what would happen if I put tape on my counter tops (sticky side up). The cats know they're not supposed to jump up there, but I just KNOW they do at night!

kerrianne- I think I'm a little overly-proud of myself (I think I know about 6 words...hee). but thanks! All I need is a little encouragement and I'm good to go for another month of "French-learnin'"! :)