Wednesday, October 25, 2006

family cookbook catastrophy!

I. am. such. a. dumbass.

I don't know how I did it, but I ended up deleting about 40 recipes from my computer between the last time I worked on the cookbook and 3 days ago. And for most of that time, my computer was unplugged and sitting in a corner all by itself.

The computer gods are angry with me.


I don't wanna type all the recipes in again.

At first I thought it was only about 20 or so, but then I realized that it was more like 40.


Fourty long recipes that I had to reword, figure out, format, decifer, blah blah blah....GONE. And the backup? Ohhh don't even ask me about my back up. My dumbass saved the wrong dang thing.


Mmmm....Ugg boots....I'm feeling better already.

I am very happy to have my office back though. After almost 2 months of having it in disarray. The funny thing is (not funny haha) that if this were my husband's office (still haven't come up with a good "blogname" for him yet) his office would have been done in 2 weekends TOPS. OOoooooh....but when there's stuff to do in HERE that I can't do (i.e. electrical stuff...I have too much frizz in my hair to begin with) he's all on the couch going "I'll do it tomorrow". Do you KNOW how many times I had to hear that knowing that there was nothing I could do about it? I just said "just wait until we do your office and you ask me to touch up the walls or something." You can be my behind is going to be on the couch all "Ooooh.....tomorroooooooowwwww".

So my office is put back together (with my lovely shiney new floors) and my cat highjacks my chair! But of course, she looks so darn cute, I just can't bring myself to make her get up. Well....that was 2 days ago. And she's not sitting in it now. I am. hehe...

Let's see...must find more things to do so I can put off re-entering recipes..........

stupid computer...

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