Saturday, August 5, 2006

Who's the best daughter in the whole wide world?

That would be ME!!!

After two and a half years of sweating to death in our guest room every time they visited, we have now installed....

***drum roll please***


Yes....Yes.....I know....I'm the need to keep repeating it over and over....really....I'm getting embarassed...

tee hee

Seriously though, our guest room is very cute and we've decorated it nicely (at least I think so) and it's even got....*gasp* a BED in there now as opposed to an air mattress that deflates every hour or so, making it so whoever is on the bed rolls in toward the middle (it's even worse if 2 people are on it...then you end up squished together, and after that, you just end up on the floor...not comfy). It's a cute little guest room.....exceeeeeeeeept.....that the sun shines directly onto it And by the time our guests want to go to bed....well, they might as well crawl into the oven!

But not any more! Noooo!!!! If it is desired....there can actually be....a breeeeeeze! Imagine that! Not waking up 5 pounds lighter in wet sheets!

I tell ya'....we're just the most considerate people ever!

All kidding aside (well, most of it anyway) it took a good 5 hours (that includes 2 trips to Lowes and a break for dinner) but it's now done! The guest room is completed!!!!

We no specific order:
  • ripped up the carpet
  • put down wood (kinda) floors
  • painted the walls
  • twice
  • fixed a large hole created by the previous owners when they installed another outlet for their tanning bed (yes, I'm serious)
  • replaced all the "almond" colored outlets and outlet covers with white ones (to match the base boards and window trim that we painted)
  • taken down the crappy "builder's best" light fixture and put up a fan so as not to roast our guests
  • switched all the door knobs (3) from the cheap "gold" ones to nice brushed silver-looking

*whew* I'm tired just thinking about it!

I need a nap!

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