Monday, August 7, 2006

alaska...freezers...snow cones...

I'm thinking "cold thoughts".

When does sweater season start?

Yesterday, after sweating out butts of in Computer Guy's truck (with NO a/c) on the way to Lowe's, he says...and I quote...

"We've only got a few more weeks of summer."

Uh....yeah....technically. But who is going to tell the weather that? Normally, here, it stays too hot for sweaters until mid October to November. Given the heat wave, we're apparently in, I'm thinking it won't be in "sweater weather" until mid February!

Fall is my favorite season. I'm ready for it! Bring on the Fall!!!

Generally, I hate snow, but I'd be willing to put up with it with minimal complaining if it would just get rid of this heat!

On my side of the closet, I've got more sweaters than any other types of shirts and every day I look at them longingly. I'm a "snuggle person". I love to get all comfy on the couch with blankets and I love my down comforter on the bed (it's not there now, of this point a sheet is almost too much). I love my sweaters and jeans and my jackets.

I'm tired of sweating! Go away heat!!! I can't seem to cool off. I want to crawl into the refrigerator. I can't take Mr. Puppy* for a walk. He's a winter dog (half husky, half german shepard) and he gets way too hot way too fast. He's spending about three-fourths of his time inside, and as much as he loves that, there are big tufts of white dog hair EVERYWHERE!!!! It looks like it snowed in here, but it feels like Hawaii (without the tropical drinks).

*names have been changed to protect the innocent

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