Saturday, August 19, 2006

Feasting on Asphault

Well...we watched about 45 minutes of "The Libertine" on OMG it was terrible! It was SO bad we had to turn it off. We never turn movies off......unless absolutely horrible. I so do NOT recommend this movie to anyone. Johnny Depp was, of course, as always, still hot! And his acting was, as always, supurb! Nothing wrong with him or his acting. That said....the movie....awful! If I could rate the movie at a negative number, I would have!

So now...I'm watching the first of 4 installments of "Feasting on Asphault". It's a special with Alton Brown. He has a cooking show on Food Network called Good Eats.

*whew* many links!!!

Well....I'm on episode 1 of 4. So far, it's excellent (especially after that movie! blech).

Here is what our guide says about this one entitled:

"The South Shall Fry Again"

"Part 1 of 4. Alton Brown head west from South Carolina, sampling everything from chocolate malts to pickled pigs."

Now I've seen him try both of those (in the first 10 minutes) and here's what I got so far:

Chocolate malts...Gooooooood

Pickled Pig's Foot......Baaaaaaaad

I really didn't have to watch this to figure that out. When at the grocery store, I see the jars of picked pig parts (try saying that 5 times fast!) and they make me gag! Yuck! Sorry if you like them....I won't lie and say I understand though!

Back to the show!!!

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