Saturday, August 19, 2006

August 19th, 2006

Today, is our 6th wedding anniversary!

I can't believe it's been 6 years. It certainly doesn't seem like that long!

If my hubby read my blog, I'd wish him a Happy Anniversary, but alas, he thinks blogs are dumb :-P Oh well, I think lots of stuff he does it dumb to. HA HA!

We've done pretty much nothing today really.

Last night, my dumb little Mr Kitty decided to rip up my BRAND NEW FLIP FLOPS!!!! AARRRGGGGHHHH!!!! I had had them less than a week and had just broken them in. My previous flip flops (about 5 years old) had started to get a big crack in the plastic that goes between my toes and had started pinching me, so I couldn't wear them anymore. I drug hubby to Target and looked for maybe 10 minutes at flip flops. See...I'm not a "fancy flip flop" kinda person. I like the simple, plain, everyday kind of flip flops. I finally found some in my size and WooHoo, they were on sale!

This was a week ago today. I was devestated last night due to the senseless murder of my precious new flip flops! I really didn't think Computer Guy noticed. We were watching a movie when it happened. Totally ruined the movie for me!

Anyway, this morning, he has to go get a part at the auto store and he's gone for 2 hours! I was not happy. Then he got home. He told me to close my eyes and hold out my hands. I'm terrible at that!! I always want to peak. He puts a plastic bag in my hand and says that I can look now.

He took that long to get home because he was at Target buying me a new pair of flip flops! HOW SWEET!!! He even got the ones with pink and black straps like I had wanted, but they didn't have any in my size last week! Made me feel terrible about being mad at him because he was so late!

We got back from dinner (at Red Lobster, no, not our usual anniversary dinner place, but we're broke this year) about an hour ago. We went out with an old friend of CG's and his wife. We used to hang out with T when we first got together when we still lived in NB, but we never really see him anymore since we've moved up here. He got married a few years ago and she was taking some kind of one-day class up here. Good thing! We got to go out with them for dinner and had a really good time!

Now we're both on our computers typing away and sometime tonight we're going to watch a movie. I guess we'd better get on that!

CG's working on his truck "Blueberry" (guess what color it is) tomorrow, and he's still got to go to Auto Zone since he didn't actually go today (spent too much time looking for my flip flops!!! Awww!!!

At least I got him a card and some Reese's Cups!!!

Love you, Honey!!! :)

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