Tuesday, August 22, 2006


Nooooo.....not me!!!

I do...umm.....stuff. I go....well....to the grocery store!

Okay...well, maybe, Maybe, I'm just a smidge antisocial. Maybe I'm just not the prosocial kinda gal, ya' know? I was never the girl with a million friends. I had tons of "aquaintances" but not that many really close friends. Now I have even fewer. We've all grown up and moved away. I forgot that I wouldn't just be able to drive to the barn and hang out with all my horsey buddies anymore!

So...I'm on a quest to become just a little less antisocial. Let's see, things I should probably start doing...

Stop hiding from the pizza guy. ok, sometimes they do get a bit chatty while I'm standing there holding the pizza...scratch that...the really hot pizza...and they want to talk about what a big dog I have or about what a steep driveway we have or the weather, etc...Just leave me alone and take your huge tip for just driving down the street to bring me my pizza and let me go eat my dinner! People can be so annoying.

Stop saying how annoying people are. Not everyone is as annoying as I think they are. They can't be. It's humanly impossible for people to be as annoying as I think they are. It's not like we have a whole bunch of PeeWee Herman's walking around here. Well....we do have our fair share. Maybe this one should be "Stop saying how annoying most people are". Baby steps, y'all.

Stop giving one word answers. Sometimes it's neccessary. Sometimes you don't just want to sit and chat with the grocery store clerk. Unless you're my mom. That woman will talk to ANYBODY! Sales clerk at the mall, grocery store checkout person, someone behind her in line, whoever! (sorry Mom) But it's true. My dad and I even joke about it ;) I should start being more willing to talk to strangers. But isn't that one of those early lessons you learn? From your parents?! DON'T TALK TO STRANGERS!!! When you hit 20, I think you're supposed to flip tat rule. Hmm....does this mean I get to start taking candy from them too?

Stop not answering the phone. But seriously....WHO WANTS TO TALK TO TELEMARKETERS?! Sorry if you're a telemarketer, but really....isn't there ANYTHING else you can do than bother me while I'm trying to dry my hair or something? I'll think it's a member of my family and abruptly stop what I'm doing and rush to the phone only to have someone say "I'm so-and-so with whatever-company and we're taking donations for the ugly-children-foundation". No matter what you say to these people, they just don't give up. Do they think that pestering me and pissing me off will make me give them money? Umm.....NO!!! They would have more of a chance if they said "I totally understand. Sorry I bothered you." I might actually say "Hey, hang on a sec." and then there you go! But no. Saying "I'm sorry, we're not donating anything right now." I get "I understand, how about just $20?" What?! You understand??? I don't think you do. Well....maybe I won't pick up the phone if I know it's a telemarketer. And whatever happened to the "Do Not Call Registry"? We're on it! They still call. Somehow I just can't bring myself to hang up on them. It's rude! Of course, it was rude of them to cold call me, but I just can't shake the "phone lessons" from my mom!

Stop being afraid to go out by myself. I'm not just antisocial, I also have panic attacks. How fun for me. But at least when I start sweating and shaking, no one really wants to talk to me and I get to be by myself.

I think this is enough of a list right now. Start small. Baby steps.

Uh oh....I think the cats just fell down the stairs again. No, not a joke. They both fell down the stairs last week and Mr Kitty scraped off a huge chunk of hair on his leg. Ms Kitty seemed fine, except for being shaken up. Silly kitties....

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