Friday, August 25, 2006

Angry SPF #$@&%!

This week, Kristine has decided that we should all join her in being pissed off! When I first heard of what this week's SPF was supposed to be, I thought UH OH! I was sure I wouldn't be able to find anything. Then, I started walking around with my camera....and lo and behold....I could have done 10 more of these!!! Maybe I should look into that Xanex!!! Here's my SPF kiddies!

(just a side note, one more thing that pisses me off, while in the process of writing this, the window just CLOSED on me! For no good reason. Hopefully I haven't left anything funny out!)

1.) Stuff that annoys the living shit out of you. (sorry mom! it's a direct quote, I swear)
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The first picture is of the gigantic HOLE that one of the cats ripped in the NEW couch! This hole (with innards being pulled out) began appearing no more than ONE month after our custom couches were delivered.

The second picture is of my new flip flops. I love my flip flops. It took me 5 years to buy new ones. And then what happens THREE days after I finally decide on a pair? Mr Kitty strikes again! They feel like walking on crumpled paper. Not nice. Stupid cat. On the plus side, Hubby snuck off and bought me a new pair (IN PINK, no less!!!) and now I've forgiven the Flip-Flop murdering cat...until next time!

2.)YOUR space.

This is my space. Yes, there is some "space" underneath all that stuff! The chair is the same one I used to watch tv in when I was "knee-high to a grasshopper". It used to be my parent's chair, but I snatched it up before anything could happen to it and now it's my favorite place! I don't even mind leaning back on my saddle (had to take the stirrups off though)! The afghan was made by my Granny, and is sooo soft. I use it to hide all the scratch marks from the damn cats. Yes....they've gotten Everything!

3.)Something in your life that keeps the makers of Xanex in business.

My eye is twitching just thinking about cleaning this thing out! It doesn't help that one of the cats eats "random stuff" that he finds around the house. That's hell on a kitty tummy!!!

So there you have it! My SPF for 8/25! I played (obviously) did you?!


Teena said...

I've got two cats and they drive me nuts sometimes too :)

I played :)

Charmed1 said...

Random "goodies" in the cat box... I'll have to ask the hubby about that. LOL!

I played!

barnmouse said...

charmed1 - I wish I could get my husband anywhere NEAR the litter box! LOL

Sheri & SuZan said...

I'm having different kitty issues right now but mine is going to drive me to drink!

I played!

barnmouse said...

sheri & susan - LOL...kitties are good like that ;)

michele said...

Thanks for the comment! Oh and by the way, I swear I have an area rug in my living room the EXACT pattern as your shower curtain. I actually had to say to myself, "where have I seen that before?"

barnmouse said...

michele - I looove my shower curtain. It's in the guest bathroom since our shower has an actual door. Sometimes I go in there just to look at it. So pretty :)

Lazy Lightning said...

Your post sounds like what mine would have been if I'd played! Cats. Pulling up the carpet. Chewing the corners of our bills. Ripping holes in the comforter. Pulling claw-slits in the vinyl office chair.


barnmouse said...

LL - I knew I forgot something! Oh well, I'm sure they'll be another opportunity to take pictures of the half demolished carpet in my office and what used to be a rather decent office chair in Hubby's! We tried those Soft Paws at one point but one of us had to basicall sit on the cats to get the to sit still enough to put them on. Once they were on though, it was pretty adorable! (think purple and red toenails!)

Suzanne R said...

Ah, the cats -- they own my place and everything in it, too, and have left their marks to a similarly annoying extent.

I played.

Honeysuckle said...

Shooo weeee, you have kitty cat issues too. I thought it was just me.

Though I would have to draw the line on furniture destruction especially when brand spankin' new.

Thanks for stopping by earlier :-)

barnmouse said...

We normally keep a tiny piece of tin foil tapped over the "wound" on the couch. I read somewhere that tin foil really deters cats, even the cats that aren't bothered by the Boundaries spary or others like it. It really works (especially with gray couches where you can't see it). Ours had just falled off a few days earlier and we hadn't put a new one on. The kitties don't seem to be interested in that spot anymore though. Now they're trying to tear up my chair! :P

The Kept Woman said...

Ummmm, I think you need a new pet.

I'm just saying, from one person who has had their couch destroyed by a loved pet to another...get a fish.

barnmouse said...

I have a fish. Fish suck. At least mine does. :P His name is "Squish"..."Squish the Fish" hehe. I can't remember who said it, but someone funny said "Fish are expensive posters". So true. Now if you love your fish, more power to ya' but mine is mean. The pet store said we needed to buy a group of them, so we did, and this other fish ended up killing every single other fish! The big meany! :P

On a positive note, I have had Mollies before and I LOVED them. They're so cute! But they don't cuddle up to you at night or sit in your lap or try to catch the birds on the tv (which is hilarious). I'm just more of a "non-slimy" animal person. I need something fuzzy ;)