Wednesday, August 9, 2006

All suggestions are appreciated

I need a little bit of help here. I'm quickly growing tired of mac & cheese.

I need some ideas for something quick, cheap, and easy to make that doesn't have meat in it.

I'm still hoping to avoid yucky things, such as broccoli (and anything related to it), mushrooms, lemon (just don't like it), and other stuff such as okra (I don't even know how to spell that!) and general ickiness. There's a whole list of stuff I don't like, but instead of going into that now, I thought I'd just get some other opinions and see what I can do with them.

So....any ideas?


Anonymous said...

Hey B/M!

How bout veggie pizza, pasta with white or red sauce, grilled cheese and onion sandwich, chef salad w/o meat, veggie dinner w/ corn on cob+ MIL's beans + marinated cukes + your tomato and mozz cheese salad, or omelet, waffles, or just several fresh fruits and a a couple of different cheeses with a good bread? The list goes on!

barnmouse said...

all good suggestions, and I have had spaghetti a time or two (and of course, mac & cheese). grilled cheese and onion sandwich? is that as simple as it sounds? also, I know I make a mean tomato/mozzerella salad, but I don't actually eat it. I don't like tomatoes ;) Omelet and waffles are both Excellent suggestions! I'm writing them down right now! Thx!

Anonymous said...

Boca burgers (soy burgers, soy chicken burgers, etc) are actually good. You really can't tell the difference when you throw some mustard, catsup, onion, etc on it!
And NO meat.
Check out WD's supply of 'meatless items-you'll be surprised how many they carry! And CG may not be able to tell the diference.

barnmouse said...

I've actually tried to slip turkey by CG as a hamburger. I didn't tell him what it was, and just loaded it up with "stuff". He ate it all, but then said it tasted "funny". I told him not to worry, I didn't make it out of clowns ;)