Thursday, July 27, 2006

It's about time... first blog entry. And I'm already thinking "Gosh I'm boring". Earlier (during the seemingly endless attempts at picking a user name) I was thinking of all kinds of stuff I could write about and now I'm having the same problems I had in high school when we had to get up in front of the class and read something.


Well, I'm meeting with one of my best friends today for lunch (I guess it's is 1:11 AM). We'll call her Super Model since she's done some modeling. I hate her for that. No, not really. She's always been the skinny tall one. When I'm around her I'm short and dumpy! But then again, most people around her are short and dumpy! So I guess I don't feel all that bad. Anyway, she happens to be my very first friend, which means our mothers were best friends and when we were very little, they stuck us in a room together. But whadayaknow, it all worked out good! She's thrilled she's taking me to some place I've never been (don't know if I've heard of it....don't know the name) and I've lived here longer than she has! I really don't get out much. My husband (Computer Guy) and I are very much homebodies. SM (Super Model) has traveled the world and all that good stuff, so she's "worldly". We'll see how lunch turns out. Generally, I'm disappointed with new things (I'm very picky) especially when it comes to food "stuffs" so I tend to stick to what I find good. We go out so seldom, I figure why gamble on something I might not like at all when I can just order something that I know I love and be very happy with that.

My mother does not agree.

She's worldly too.

I aspire to live in Wyoming some day. Does that clear things up?

My mom loves casseroles and all sorts of other things that are all jumbled up together. I don't like my food to touch. Yes...I'm 25. What of it? I'm an adult. I can put up invisible borders between foods on my plate if I wanna. *pout*

Again, my mother does not agree. And she takes every opportunity to tell me so ;) But what are mothers for if not to tell you what they think you're doing wrong? (I'm sure she'll read this...that was my disclaimer...tee hee) "Not that there's anything wrong with that"

Well, I'm sure Computer Guy (CG) is wondering why I'm so late coming to bed (my excuse is that my hair is still a little wet and I don't want to wake up with "white girl afro"). Fingers crossed for lunch tomorrow.

WooHoo....first post! Yay me! I'm so 21st Century! *doing a little me dance*

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